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ZT0561, Kershaw Groove, Matthew Martin Pen, 3in XM-18 Scales!!

Scurvy Jun 14, 2014

  1. Scurvy

    Scurvy 2nd Knifiest Brigade Member

    Starting to clear some stuff out before baby Scurvy arrives. All prices include USPS priority but not Paypal fees. Contact me for specific questions or more pictures.


    1. Matthew Martin Ti pen customized by Ti Survival- SOLD

    2. Kershaw Groove. No box, great shape. These are getting RARE. Detent is a little weak but still flies out with a good push button- SOLD

    3. ZT0561 Blem, User in very good shape. I have the pivot backed off slightly for insane smoothness but just a hint of side to side play. I can tighten it up if you want. - SOLD

    4. XM-18 3in scales, black- Yellow BOTH SOLD
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