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ZT-0560 Custom Scale By Rival

MR-RICKSTER Jan 19, 2013

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    MR-RICKSTER Enormous member

    Just received this custom Rival scale with a ZT-0560 I purchased, it came separate not installed on the knife, its dated 12/2012

    The scale is "Darker Blue" than the pictures depict, more like a Royal blue

    The cell phone picture taken inside is closer to the real color than the high resolution pictures I shot out side

    The cell phone picture is the last one

    Its a very well made scale

    *** SOLD *** shipped to your door

    I will accept pay-pal or a money order

    Pay-Pal address is: mr_rickster@mac.com

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  2. cornnutt

    cornnutt Knife Junkie Brigade Member

    Pm sent...
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