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YouTube knife reviews rant and rave

sandwich Jun 11, 2010

  1. sandwich

    sandwich Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Great idea, lousy execution 90% of the time. Let me twirl this brand new knife around in my hands and blab on about bullshit for say, 5 straight minutes, and then open it for a second or two and the close it again and bullshit for another 5 minutes. I WANNA SEE THE FUCKING KNIFE SO JUST OPEN IT MOTHERFUCKER. ok I'm calm now

    Or those fixed blades. Leave them in the sheath the whole time.

    Or the young kids, basically children, where all they do is say they just got this for Xmas and they love it, flick it open and closed 3 times really quick, maybe slice a piece of paper

    the good reviews are far and few between and personally I like seeing video more than just pictures before I purchase something. Am I crazy for letting this bother me?
  2. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I like the ones where they open and close it a few times, quickly give their overall evaluation and show a 360 view.

    It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to review a knife.

    Are you crazy? If it bothers you a whole lot, then yes. ;)
  3. Uncle_Jarvis

    Uncle_Jarvis Should be a custom title here

    They bother you because of the word "review" being implemented . Most of the videos you speak of are more like .. say. impressions , watered down opinions ...

    Just see them for what they are... :ssmile:
  4. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    Something like this? :ropeman:

  5. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member

    This guy is like the Rachel Ray of knife reviewers....he doesn`t know when to shut the fuck UP, and just show the knife already....
  6. FLYBYU44

    FLYBYU44 Enormous member

    I love it when they hold it with the index finger and thumb like it's covered in cooties and then never actually hold it in their hand like they are actually going to fucking cut something with it. I want to see how it fits in someone's hand, otherwise the review is just 5-10 minutes of my life I want back. Personally Nutnfancy pisses me off the most, ramble on about "Tactical Operators" for 10mins before actually showing the knife. The guy is probably an accountant in real life.
  7. Sheldon_Wickersham

    Sheldon_Wickersham Blue Star Knives Knife Maker or Craftsman

    What is YouTube, and why would you want to spend any of the precious remaining minutes of your life there?
  8. zappadragon

    zappadragon Devil Inside Brigade Member

    You mean like this fucking guy...... OMG Shoot me in the fucking face. Get a tripod and stop saying um every 2 seconds......

  9. Doc Pringles

    Doc Pringles The Devilz Doctor Brigade Member

    I know this is not an actual review but…. I have fond memories of the guys from Frost Cutlery late night TV show. :deadevil::deadevil:
  10. Obijuan Kenobe

    Obijuan Kenobe Our only hope! Brigade Member

    Look carefully in the background of this video to learn all you need to learn about the reviewer.

  11. zappadragon

    zappadragon Devil Inside Brigade Member

    O yeah I knew right away and respect him for the effort, but WOW .........
  12. ronmageddon

    ronmageddon Huge member

    Sandwich, I feel your pain, Ha ha!:bwah:
    I actually ranted about this once before also.
    It's really annoying when you think you're going to see a good knife review,
    but instead you get some 8 minute load of crap that doesn't even resemble a coherent review.

    There ARE a few good ones though. Nutnfancy and the guy from Knivestown usually do a fair job, but other than that, most youtube reviews are just horrible. Coupled with the fact that most of these idiots don't even know what TYPE of knife their using, (ie: SD, Bushcraft etc.), or the correct way to hold it.
    At the very least, holding the knife correctly can give the viewer a good idea as to whether or not a knife will fit their hand.

    I don't know..., I've learned not to be too critical.
    When I find myself getting aggravated, I just turn it off.:bwah:
  13. Bill86

    Bill86 Little member

    Yeah I agree on that, this is a umm......I paid 74.....9.........3.... HEY DIPSHIT LEARN TO FUCKING READ

    This is a....a....sppyyyydeeerrrcccooo.......a spyderrrrrrrrcooooo smalll.......OUT WITH IT ASSHAT!

    I typically never watch knife reviews because IMO NONE of them do a good job. Nutnfancy is OKAY....I still hate how he calls every knife a tactical knife or his repeated use of the words "tactical situation" just say if you need to stab a motherfucker buy a double edge Microtech out the front.

    In general a knife review should be like 3 minutes long tops

    1. 1 minute ...SHUT THE FUCK UP AND SHOW THE KNIFE! 360 degrees, open and close it a few times. Show both ways of opening it if it applies (axis, thumbstud)
    2. Explain good things about it....1 minute
    3. Explain the Not-so-good things about it 1 minute

    BOOM 3 minutes FUCK OFF, on to the next one.

    If I had a bunch of money or whatever I would review knives this way and do like 10 reviews a day....takes 30 minutes.
  14. Obijuan Kenobe

    Obijuan Kenobe Our only hope! Brigade Member

    Nutnfancy is OK. Customtacticals is OK. He uses words like retention, deploy, and tactical in nearly every video.

    Blunttruth is pretty hilarious. I still can't quite place his voice.

  15. sandwich

    sandwich Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Nutnfancy is IMO one of the worst. He reviews some great knives but holy shit.. Lay off the "tacti-cool" horseshit speech. If he's even in thr military I'll bet he's never even pulled out his knife except to show it off. I find this tactical talk very annoying and he BARELY shows the fuckng knife. Hey buddy if you ever read this.. Why don't you just post videos of you talking about some backyard combat and leave the knives in the safe, you clog up my YouTube searches. :balrog:

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