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your personality 100% protected

2fulhundin Nov 6, 2008

  1. 2fulhundin

    2fulhundin Official Retard

    got this today in case a few of you are interested in making big $$$$$$$.

    Aso-Rock Presidential VillaMember,
    Five Men Presidential Tax Force Committee
    Aso-Rock Presidential Villa, Abuja-Nigeria.

    Dear Friend, I am Engr.Elvis Abubakar,a member of a Five Man Presidential Tax Force Committee, appointed by President Umaru Musa Yar'dua of the federal republic of Nigeria, to audit all contracts awarded by former president Olusegun Obasanjo's administration, in the course of our investigations, we discovered several malpractices involving over invoicing of contracts to the tune of US$675,000,000.00 ( Six Hundred and Seventy Five Million United States Dollars).

    At this juncture, we unanimously agreed to return US$475,000,000.00 back to the Federal Government of Nigeria, while the balance of US$200,000,000.00 is transferred to a foreign account, to be disbursed by the Five Man Presidential Tax Force Committee, and this is where you come in. By law, we are forbidden as civil servants to hold or maintain foreign account while we are still in government service, based on this, we will portray you as a foreign contractor, who dully executed his contract for the Nigerian government, but has not been paid, so that the said balance of US$200,000,000.00 will be processed an transferred into your account.

    As soon as the funds is transferred, we will disburse the funds as follows: 20% for your assisting by providing your account for this purpose, 5% shall be moped out to offset all incidental expenses during the process of transferring this funds into your account, while 75% shall be for us, the originators of this deal. For your information, this deal is almost 100% risk free on both sides, as we have all the necessary documentations, and all it entails to legally present you and your company as the legitimate and original contractor that executed this contract for the Nigerian government.

    Dear, should you be interested to do this business with us, do furnish me with the following information’s below immediately, so that we can swing into action, as this deal is expected to last for 14 working days or more, as soon as we hear from you.
    1. Your full names and address.
    2. Your direct telephone and fax numbers for easy and faster communication.
    3. Your company's name and address if any.
    Note that the calibers of people involved in this transaction are all top and influential government functionaries, who wouldn't want any form of exposure, as such, high level of confidentiality should be accorded to this deal, till then end of time. Thanking you with an eager anticipation for a healthy and fruitful business relationship, while I look forward to receive your swift reply.
    Please work with us, your Personality will be protected 100%.
    Yours faithfully,
    Engr.Elvis Abubakar.

    If you send them you SSN# they will double the amount of money..:manganr:
  2. gunknifenut

    gunknifenut Huge member

    I played one of these guys a few years ago..asked him to send the check..about 2 weeks later it showed up..I then wrote him an email saying that the check showed and I was reporting it to the FBI and that he was a scum bag...the emails got really nasty fast...it was fun. Gene

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