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Jason Baily May 16, 2019

  1. Jason Baily

    Jason Baily Little Member

    Lets try this again. I am looking for Rockstead knives. Listed below are a few parameters. Notice, I am also looking for a Dew Hara knife as well as Damascus something.

    Rockstead Folder or Fixed Blade (except Chi or Chou since I own those) - Preferably ZDP steel
    Dew Hara Folder
    High End Interesting Damascus knife??

    HOM Basilisk-R Elite Ti S35VN Steel - With custom leather sheath - TV $525
    Microtech Ultratech Stonewash Spartan Blade Shape - TV $290
    Microtech Combat Troodon Damascus Blade - TV $900
    CRK Mnandi Snakewood Inlays - TV $350
    Maybe CRK Large Sebenza 21 wood inlays - with custom leather sheath - TV $525

    I'm open to negotiating values. All depends on what you have
    PLEASE NOTE: I would definitely make it worth it to you for a Higo Ironwood ZDP. Or any wood handle ZDP steel rockstead. Like, seriously. Me make you happy long time!

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