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WTT Starlingear Ring - Men's Size 10.5

Hannibal Lecter Feb 10, 2010

  1. Hannibal Lecter

    Hannibal Lecter Huge member


    My Dear Friends,

    I have for trade a Starlingear Kimo Ring - at least 0.75oz of solid Sterling silver in men's size 10.5. I positively *LOVE* this ring but know if I wear it for long I will destroy it - I use my hands too much. Light surface scratching on the underside from normal wear but the top is pristine and I would like to keep it that way (and know that I won't if I continue to wear it).

    Fair warning - in the interest of complete disclosure, it was pointed out to me that Starlingear jewelry normally comes with a certificate. Although I have no doubts as to the authenticity of this piece I do not have the COA from Starlingear - I received the ring in trade from the original purchaser and no paperwork was included. I have contacted Jade at Starlingear concerning this and hope to hear something soon - I will also be contacting the original owner of the ring. I will of course offer a trial period within which the ring may be examined closely and its authenticity verified. You're not happy, send it back - period.

    I have posted a stock photo, along with the actual photos of the ring.

    Not really looking to sell it outright - I would rather make a trade for something interesting. This one originally sold for $200 and I suspect that I am only the second owner, so given the light wear on the underside let's shoot for a trade value of about $125.

    Now for the difficult part - what I am looking for (in no particular order). I can certainly add or accept cash if needs must.

    Flashlights - the smaller and brighter the better - LEDs preferred. Anything that will mount on a weapon is even better still.

    Knives - Spyderco most often preferred but am open to anything.

    Toys for shooting - shooting glasses, pistol gloves, a good range bag, three-point shotgun sling, etc.

    Tactical or EDC bags in black.

    Other toys in general. Shoot me a PM or email and let me know what you're thinking. You never know exactly what I'll squeal over.

    Many sincere thanks,

    Hannibal Lecter

    P.S. - I realize that I have not done a lot of transactions here on JD, but I have a spotless track record on USN, Bladeforums, and eBay. Drop me a note if you want references... :easydevil:
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 17, 2010
  2. Per-Sev

    Per-Sev Perforate & Sever

    Email sent.
  3. Mr. Andersson

    Mr. Andersson Svensk DJÄVUL

    trade value has to be stated as you know...
  4. Hannibal Lecter

    Hannibal Lecter Huge member


    My Dear Friend,

    Corrected with my apologies...


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