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WTT Saiga .223 and Mini 14 towards an FS2000

FriskyDingo May 9, 2011

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  1. FriskyDingo

    FriskyDingo knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This may be a long shot but I have a pair of guns I'm just not using right now ever since I finished up my Sig 556 build and I'd like to pass these on to a good home in exchange for an FS2000. I'm looking for the model with the integral magnified optic, not the railed top versions.

    The Saiga 223 in question has been converted by me. I put in a Krebs selector switch and bolt hold open, Tromix trigger kit (nice 3 pound no slap trigger), Tac 47 trigger guard, a genuine Izzy Russian pistol grip, a Mako push button folding stock and added tapco components to make it 922r legal. I have 6 (I believe) 30 round Surefire mags with it as well as 2 factory 10 rounders. The gun has a total of 122 rounds down the pipe. Shoots about 2 MOA with Black Hills factory reloads.

    The Mini is also pretty pimped out. It's a government Mini 14 tactical (the GBP, very rare in civilian circles. It has a 18.5 inch medium heavy barrel instead of the Civi 16 inch... supposed to be more accurate and indeed it is). I've added a Ultimak scout mount and a hogue green rubberized stock. The gun has never been fired with the hogue stock and Ultimak on it. I have 10 factory 30 rounders, 4 factory 20 rounders, an old Eagle 35 round poly mag and 2 promag straight 20's. The gun has a total of 44 rounds down range and shoots about 2 MOA as well.

    If you're interested in both guns in exchange for an FS2000, please contact me. I'd prefer a FTF in the Raleigh/Cary/Apex area of NC.
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