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balisongman24 Sep 22, 2019

  1. balisongman24

    balisongman24 Canadian Flipper

    Not sure if anyone in here tattoos but it's worth a shot. WTT: 2017 Bishop Rotary Machine with a 3.5mm RCA power supply. literally spotless brand new it has the tiniest speck of a nick I tried to show in the last pic. Just the machine itself no cords or anything included. Number 42. Looking for a ti bas, ab, or a kraken +a little cash. TV: $450 or would sell outright for $400 PayPal only.
    Usps for American sales/trades, Canada post for Canadian.

    04D665D0-3D9A-442D-8811-015AAFF06614.jpeg 9791D080-656E-4371-B1F1-7A79ED017972.jpeg DCB735E1-F9A6-4B28-801F-313C11032F47.jpeg
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