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WTSold Spyderco Southard

Wkrzyski Feb 11, 2019

  1. Wkrzyski

    Wkrzyski Little member

    LNIB ~ Spyderco Southard ~ I’m asking $OLD It’ll come with box and papers. Price includes PayPal G&S & USPS first class shipping.

    4ADF7AAE-3CCA-4D15-AE16-14E8FC8B32C7.jpeg A110E373-5780-457B-A6A8-C8FAC9A0383E.jpeg 1BB23DE1-2EA1-4B51-9A37-2C4A3CD892D0.jpeg 3F36E9EE-70A5-4169-B63B-1C2389FC92BB.jpeg 758CB2C4-F864-4A79-BC58-AF22F60F94FD.jpeg 99537E8C-C9FA-4000-86AD-C2E26C46A83F.jpeg CBE203E6-ADC0-4C04-BBB6-BDB9D5827649.jpeg 9ED8636E-0956-4762-A057-98562F443761.jpeg 1298D2B2-B965-49C3-981C-05FBD34C3F64.jpeg
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2019
  2. grzess

    grzess Little member

    I'll take it.

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