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WTS/WTT Textured Bowie OSP Matrix

Slimreaper35322 Jun 22, 2020

  1. Slimreaper35322

    Slimreaper35322 Little member

    WTS/WTT - Textured Bowie OSP Matrix 8.5/10
    Hello Everyone, today I have a matrix I’m trying to trade or possibly sell , the previous owner couldn’t tune out the tap and play originally so there is some rub (could be re acid washed if sent in), it also has a few small rolls near the top of the edge that could be sharpened out, the rest of the edge is razor sharp. Only one ding on the handles besides that they are perfect. I was able to switch the washers around and was able to make the tolerances perfect again so there should no longer be an issue. Truly one of the best flipping Bali’s I’ve ever touched, just wanting to try something new. S.V/T.V $700 obo — Really wanting to try a bushings Pale Backline but will consider all Backlines and will pay more depending on color. Secondary would be a latchless or mint pilot ChAB, or maybe a HOM maelstrom. Hit me with all offers though! Plenty of references, Just let me know! *if sold will use PayPal, and i will cover shipping in the US. Can also send more pics on request*
  2. NiceFlapsBro

    NiceFlapsBro Tiny Member

    Is this still available?

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