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WTS/WTT Palethius Bowie

Slimreaper35322 Feb 11, 2021

  1. Slimreaper35322

    Slimreaper35322 Little member

    WTS - Palethius Bowie 10/10. Perfect condition, no tap or play and comes with everything. Priced to sell now as I have had something come up and need it gone. Unless someone throws me a Monarch, latchless ChAB, Halo V or a combo of some good production Bali’s. Really just wanting to sell. Probably your cheapest chance to get a Ti pale in this condition SV $950 OBO Will use PayPal with shipping on me and can ship tomorrow.

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  2. Houseofnobi

    Houseofnobi Tiny Member

    DM incoming

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