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Wts/t BM: 760, 810, 970 Spyderco: Ti Mllie

J.White Mar 9, 2015

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  1. J.White

    J.White Average member

    Few for sale or trade.

    These will ship USPS 2nd Day Priority w/ insurance/tracking. USPS MO only at this time. CONUS only.


    LNIB 760LFTi, First Production 690/1000: $250.00

    Never carried/cut. Centered, clean Ti and blade coating. Has some slight rattle on the secondary stop pin (pin for closed position) Have a new stop pin from BM, (included) never installed, didnt want to disassemble. Very Fine.

    810: $125.00

    Lt user. Edge was sharpened by previous owner, working edge, could use a touch up. Has a black back spacer from a BK version, polished low ride clip. Centering is close, w/ good lock up.

    970: $125

    Lt user. Edge was re profiled well from previous owner. Centered w/ excellent lock up at 30%. Truly, no blade play. This has full Ti liners and a female scale nut upgrade done by BM.

    Spyderco Ti Military: $175

    Lt user. Small snail trails in right light. Factory edge. Slightly off center, w/ no rub. Honestly believe this is due to the blade grind. Sent in in to Spyderco, came back same same. 40% lock up, solid, no play.

    Very few trade interests at this time. Letting these go to fund another purchase. Would let combination of these go for the right Busse:

    Urban Grudge

    Apologies for the lousy pic, will add more, wanted to get these up while I had a break in the action. Will take more pics on request of any of interest.

    Thanks for the look.

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