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WTS Matt Cook Midtech Alpha Beast

MaattMatt Dec 4, 2020

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  1. MaattMatt

    MaattMatt Nimble Fingered

    Matt Cook Midtech Alpha Beast

    I received this knife in a trade a few months ago. It is an excellent piece for someone that is looking for one of the first Alpha Beasts. I am told it was made along with the other midtechs, but I believe it is a one-off. It was kept by Matt Cook until it was "reluctantly" sold in late 2019 / early 2020 to its one other owner. It is very similar to the other midtechs in that it has the usual bark finished blade and thicker handles, along with reversed chevrons. This knife is slightly thinner than the Dirty Dozens / Midtechs, but it is still much thicker than the production Alpha Beasts. It averages around 0.51-0.52" in the handles.

    Weight is around 5.2 ounces with the latch. I have not flipped it but for a few openings, but I can tell it handles very similarly to the Dirty Dozens / other midtechs.

    It features the usual at the time small hardware (either T6 or T8, I haven't touched them) with flush pivot pins. The handles have been polished and anodized blue / purple, with some hints of orange on the spacers. There are many indications that the whole knife was hand built. (Blade polish, grind, tang cups, tang pins, cuts along the underside of the handles, spacer and latch cuts.)

    Overall, its in pretty good condition. There is a gouge near the pivot, and there are some scratches near the bottom of the handles. I did not cause any of these. The blade is in good condition, with only one small smudge near the edge. (It may rub off, I don't have the courage to mess with it.) Still has a tip. Lockup is very tight both open and closed.

    Knife has the latch and all hardware, and comes with an Ace zipper case.

    Please message me if you would like additional pictures / video.

    I'm asking $TRADED NET via Paypal G&S CONUS only

    Shipping is free via USPS Priority Express.

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2020
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  2. MaattMatt

    MaattMatt Nimble Fingered

    Traded please close, thanks JD!
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