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Wts: Bm47mc & Paramilitary 2 S90V/CF

Scarletsnaz Mar 21, 2013

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  1. Scarletsnaz

    Scarletsnaz Huge member

    Just one more...

    Looking for a quick sale here. Benchmade Model 47MC, 154cm blade. Some blade rub, not too much and not too little. Rarely flipped or carried. Comes with Box but the sticker was removed before I obtained it. Just throwing that out there now. Knife condition is excellent and am only selling it because I found my perfect 47 elsewhere :manganr:

    Any interest, let me know.

    Price: SPF shipped OBO :ross:

    Paramilitary 2 Carbon Fiber S90V
    Knife looks just under perfect. Pics are old but I can look over it again and take some more if needed. Comes with box and all

    Price: SPF shipped. Offers welcomed as I honestly remember little about how much this one is worth. Just don't try to take advantage :bwah:

    Will look over each knife again tonight to see if there's anything different from the last time I had them out.

    Trades: Only looking for cheap balis that I can gift out as trade. And I mean cheap!

    Offers are welcomed, but I'll prioritize any straight buys. So be aware.

    Paypal preferred. I'll cover fees and shipping.

    Will ship international, but the cost and risk are on you!

    Thanks Devils :thumbsup: Any questions, let me know
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  2. DeepSkyyz

    DeepSkyyz Skyy'z the limit JDBA Official Member

    Pm sent on 47
  3. AnthonyTheAbyss

    AnthonyTheAbyss Godzilla Size Member JDBA Official Member

    Second in line on the BM47...

    ***if possible could you post/IM a pic of the blade rub (or is it in the first pic?)
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 21, 2013
    DeepSkyyz likes this.
  4. tripham

    tripham Average member

    I'll take it

    I'll take the Paramilitary 2 Carbon Fiber S90V. Email sent. Thanks.
  5. Scarletsnaz

    Scarletsnaz Huge member

    Transactions finished!

    Mods, please close thread!
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