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WTF is Wrong with People on this Earth?

longbow Nov 7, 2017

  1. longbow

    longbow scratch n sniffer

    So the last few weeks we have seen mass shootings that have taken dozens of lives. I mean where does it all stop right. So this leads me into this as to how depraved folks of this earth are. If it isn't bad enough killing innocent people whether out for a good time or in there own church worshiping how they see fit or just strolling down the street.

    I am on Fox News site and there is a caption of Hell on Earth. The initial pic shows an elephant and its baby crossing the road. There is a crowd of people in background throwing fireballs at them, cheering etc. cause they are on fire. Is it any wonder people are as fucked up as I think they are? Again, fuck me and the horse I rode in on. I mean there has to be a correlation of some sort between the evil side of man and good side right? Or maybe a balance of some sort, which for the life I ain't seeing right at the moment. Killing people, setting pachyderms on fire all manner of shit is going on and frankly I can't see a way out of it at the moment. Everyone is saying we are getting ready for the second coming and what not. Well look what happened to Jesus when he was here the first time! We better be nicer to him if for a fact he is gonna make an entrance of some sort. Killing people by the dozens and setting animals on fire and jeering and cheering. Something is most definitely out of whack here. Crap is all I gotta say. keepem sharp
  2. sam eib

    sam eib Average Member

    Fucked up, ain't it
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  3. El Gringo

    El Gringo dashing devil

    Tool had a song for what we need... " followed by millions of dumbfounded dipshits." " Ma please flush it all away." Bill Hicks said humans are a virus that wears shoes.
    We need a reset somehow to get clean again. Michael the archangel needs to wake up and smote down all this evil... Hope he needs some volunteers.
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  4. sam eib

    sam eib Average Member

    Finally there was a good guy with a gun that stopped the madness. Thank God!
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  5. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Too many people (and in this case not enough elephants).
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  6. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I agree we are over populated and crammed it tight corners {Cities } this is a major factor in stress and people that are about to break,, and to top it off media loves this shit .
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  7. hickory

    hickory JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    There is a darkness that lurks in this world. It doesn't accept that it is overcome.
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  8. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member


    Blame it all on cell phones, the internet as well as the 'warped' human mind!!!
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  9. longbow

    longbow scratch n sniffer

    I agree with all that is being said. I just can't figure it out. Been bugging me now for a few months. I honestly don't know what the answer is. Maybe I'll take after my daughter who doesn't watch the news. We were watching football Sun. when during a commercial I switched over to CNN to just see what might be going on and bingo, the church shooting. She kind of freaked out so instead of watching CNN I switched back to the game and she was more than alright with the game. I also think with the way everything is so on line or happening now there is just no buffer on most stuff. Whether we like it or not. As for cell phones I don't like them and folks are to dependent on them. You ever watch folks walk down the street? Heads down looking at there phones? They don't see anything that is coming or going. Ok enough for today. keepem sharp
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  10. woodlander

    woodlander Brigade Member Brigade Member

    It is very easy to get the idea that humans are a bad design. Probably the result of releasing a species without adequate testing.
  11. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator


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  12. ded i

    ded i Friend of The Devil Lady Devil

    I'm still trying to get my mind around this. :bwah:
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  13. longbow

    longbow scratch n sniffer

    True'er words were never spoken.
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  14. KaOsBlAkBlAdE

    KaOsBlAkBlAdE Huge member JDBA Official Member

    "For we wrestle not against the flesh of man, but of powers and principalities"
  15. tubtar

    tubtar high caliber consecrator Moderator Super Moderator Brigade Member

    WTF is Wrong with People on this Earth?

    How long have you got ?
    We could talk around it for hours , but at the end of the day , I boil it down to a lack of consequences.
    I am not suggesting a chain whipping for someone not covering their mouth when they sneeze.
    Not really.
    And trying to decide which is a symptom , which is the actual disease and which is a mutation of same isn't going to get us anywhere past pissed off.
    But people have been getting away with shit and taking it for granted as their God given right.
    It manifests itself as tiny rudnesses and acts of inconsideration to start.
    It spreads into outright fuckery and douchebaggedness of the first magnitude.........intentional acts , not unconscious errors of judgement.
    And when done early and often enough , and with out any repercussions or consequences , it becomes a way of life.
    Moms and Dads the world over , allowing little Slugger and Princess to be miniature versions of horrible people and not holding them accountable for any of it.
    By the time the proverbial cerebral cement has set , roughly age 16 or so , what you have is a genuine fucking asshole.
    And there is no turning back , short of busting up the cement and re-pouring.
    I know this for an absolute fact.
    I have a friend , Brian , who was a very bad person..........well , pretty bad for sure.
    A regular prick.
    He was in a bad car wreck and got his black board cleaned off to about third grade. Had to re-learn everything , from social skills to school work.
    He is now the nicest fucking guy you will ever come across.
    I am not seriously advocating for closed head trauma as a solution , but an occasional kick in the ass would go a long way.
    especially when applied early.
    You don't even need your boots..........the verbal ass kicking and for me , the desire not to disappoint my parents taught me a lot.
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  16. Obijuan Kenobe

    Obijuan Kenobe Our only hope! Brigade Member

    I can agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments in this thread.

    Parents that I see (I have two boys, 5 and 7...and a baby girl of 5 months) at my sons' school are really into the "talking nice" sort of corrective measures, and you can see the results are pretty lack-luster. Maybe they are more serious at home, but I doubt it.

    Maybe I yell at my boys too much? Maybe I even 'man-handle' them a bit at times? But you have to show them you are paying attention...and more importantly, they have to expect consequences AND get them.

    I have to admit I grew up with a Mom that wasn't afraid to slap, spank, and even drag kids around during discipline (Filipino Catholic). I am not that rough, but you have to get their attention or it's all for nothing. And sometimes, a slap to the back of the head or a flick of a finger on the skull is far more effective than "Hey buddy, can you try not to do that, adults are talking, OK honey?" Sometimes just speaking with them in private is enough. But trying to make them "choose" to be good doesn't work. Kids need affection, direction, and correction without exception (that just now fell out of my head!).

    My boys love their father. They show me every day. They are not afraid of me in the least. I know because they know when they can argue with me. I "think" they appreciate the consistency. I "think" they count on it being there. And I "think" that's why they listen to me at once...and debate their Mom!

    That being said, most of the mass shootings of late seem to have a common thread: history of domestic abuse. In other words, these are special kind of asshole.

  17. thevinstigator

    thevinstigator JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Lack of the family value or no morals taught....millennial jack offs who want it NOW whether they deserve it or not.
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  18. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Well no, but then you're not advocating against it either. :bashyou:
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  19. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    There are organizations that teach acts of kindness and train people to be less assholeish.
    But we are not allowed to talk about them.
    The more people believe in Me instead of We. The worse We become.
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  20. Thanos74

    Thanos74 Hillbilly Deluxe JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Mr. Gary, I am of the opinion that it's the media's fault anyway because they sensationalize the violence and most of these "mass shooters" only do what they do for the attention and to get their pictures on the news. But I'm sure that the majority of these ass wipes are nuttyer that squirrel shit anyway.
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