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WTB HOM Basilisk

fkasbar Mar 30, 2020

  1. fkasbar

    fkasbar Huge member

    Hey Devilz, haven't been on the board in years and with everything that's going on I figured now's a good time to get back into flipping, and what better a way than getting a new flipper.

    Looking for a basilisk, not sure whether I want an elite or something with cf handles. Let me know what you have and what your asking price is!

  2. RexRippin

    RexRippin Little Member

    I do believe they're still in stock at PVKvegas.
    fkasbar and chutcher like this.
  3. fkasbar

    fkasbar Huge member

    Thanks Rex, looks like they're sold out as of today but I very much appreciate the heads up. BTT!

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