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Word to the wise...

El Gringo Apr 25, 2010

  1. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    I believe that to be true.

    I think someday they will prove that a ton of this is just horse shit scare tactics.

    It will rate right up there with the Global Warming Crap.

    I have not had a smoke since Thanksgiving.

    Cold Turkey - not my idea and I will probably resent it forever.
  2. Katwyld

    Katwyld Devil Doll Lady Devil

    Wanting to quit/being ready to quit really is a big part of it. We've tried it a few times and failed. The first time I really tried it, I'd woken up after being sick for a few days, had a few puffs, coughed up a lung, put it out, then lit it back up about 5 minutes later. After coughing up the other lung, I looked at it, thought 'what the fuck am I doing?!' and threw out the rest of the pack. Didn't have another one for about a year and a half.

    This time, sort of the same thing, but a little more 'planned'. Same general idea, though. Not tasting good, felt like crap, and just ready to be done with it. Course, $5 a pack hurts quite a bit, too. So we ordered the electronic cigarette, and that's been our 'crutch' along with the patch. We have bought a pack every few days to 'ween' ourselves a bit too. One in the morning, one after dinner, one before bed... Had the last ones out of the pack we bought a few days ago after dinner... I could care less, really. Hell, I've barely 'toked' on the e-cig much either, but I think just knowing its there is a huge help. Can't say it's the same thing, but it is nicotine, you do inhale it, and you do blow out 'smoke'... it's working as a replacement for me... and doing fairly well for Jon, too.

    Yeah, they're making money off of me with the stuff, but it's helping so I'm not complaining... was afraid to take the Chantix... and $130 for one month was a little pricey for me, too, considering the patch worked for me in the past.

    And it might be, Mike... wouldn't surprise me none, to be honest. But I do know that since I 'stopped' (going from about a pack and a half a day to 3 a day is pretty good) I've been breathing much better... and I know from past experience that, for me at least, my allergies are better when I'm not smoking, too. At least 'airway' allergies... still get the contact allergies.
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  3. dirtyjerzangel27

    dirtyjerzangel27 The Devils' Astrologist Lady Devil

    I took Chantix too, in January of 2007, when my husband, then boyfriend came back from his deployment to Afghanistan. He is an ex smoker from before we met so I thought it would be a good idea to quit. My Doc gave me a ton of sample packs and it REALLY worked. I still wanted to smoke out of habit, but when I did it truly didn't do ANYTHING for me. I was done smoking after the first week. I had some pretty ironic medical things happen a few months later, got pissed, and started back...and here I sit, smokes in hand. You def. have to WANT to quit and I am proud of you Gringo! Now, with the FSC crap in the ciggs they aren't the same anyway...I am almost convinced those 'speed bumps' are going to increase neg health issues. I order mine from Mexico now, but after July I won't be able to do that either....keep up the good work friend!
  4. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

  5. Doc Pringles

    Doc Pringles The Devilz Doctor Brigade Member

    Mark Twain said:

    “Quitting smoking was the easiest thing I have ever done.
    I’ve done it a thousand times.”
  6. El Gringo

    El Gringo dashing devil

    Just wanted to thank ya'll.:devil1:
    It would be quite ridiculous of me to say that this is a permanent move. I've quit for 2 years before (my longest stint), the 9 months while the wife was pregnant; and last year was 3 months....one never knows.

    Its been since last friday and today is the first day that the craving has dropped by a good margin....even whilst on a mild narcotic and drinking heavily.:madaddy:

    Yes I will still puff on the pipes and snus, its not that I'm inhaling, and the lungs are the thing that matters the most; and the pipe smoking is a little less as the days go by. If I'm not inhaling then to me its the same as a nicotine patch or gum. Besides the pipe embodies a sophistication that I cannot obtain via the standard route of recognition through academia or stardom.

    Have a great weekend all!
  7. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    Good for you El Gringo. I used the precursor to valium, librium, to quell the urges.
  8. MarieLaveau

    MarieLaveau Pistol Packin' Mama Lady Devil

    Really and truly, good luck to you. You can do this, I promise. And you will be SO proud of yourself! :ssmile:
  9. Katwyld

    Katwyld Devil Doll Lady Devil

    Yay El Gringo! Yeah, those cravings eventually get bored and wander off if ya ignore them for a while... kind of like... oh, annoying people. heh :kat: I know you can do it... I'm glad to hear you're still with it!
  10. marypalooza

    marypalooza First *OFFICIAL* JD Mother Lady Devil

    Good on you ML! That to me was the hardest part. I love those commercials they have where the lady is at work and makes a margarita and they say something to the effect of not needing to make a drink in order to smoke so why smoke when you drink. It cracks me up because I think "Damn a margarita at work DOES sound good!" LOL

    Blech! Since quitting, I can not stand the smell. I do however still love the smell of cigars! :madaddy:

    I quit when my husband was still in school. He is a respiratory therapist and had to do rounds as part of his classes. He came home one day and told me about how horrible it was to see people go to visit their spouse that are on vents. I was bawling by the end of our conversation. I decided that it was not worth it to ever put him through that sort of suffering and stopped. That was over a year ago and I rarely think about it.

    When you want to quit, and have a good reason to, it definitely helps you get through the harder times. Good luck buddy we are rooting for you!
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  11. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    The prices of the cigs are ridiculous now. Four bucks for the floor sweeping brands? Gimme a break.:balrog:
  12. Tyman

    Tyman Average member

    I had two bosses quit smoking while working for them. It was the work psychological hell of my life. Good luck to those of you quitting.
    Last edited by a moderator: May 2, 2010
  13. Synghyn

    Synghyn Devilz promotion and marketing squad Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Yeah so Kat and me are quitting, yeah, fucking fun! I get irritable as hell when I quit, so I'm trying real hard to be good.

    She seems to be having an easier time than me, I'm pretty much hating it at the moment. To be fair, the patch helps a shitload and the little electronic cigarettes do help, plus make me laugh every time I pick it up. Kat was all kinds of ready to quit, and she didn't have to talk me in to it, I went along pretty easy, not kicking and screaming like last time we "quit". The smokes are just too fuckin expensive any more, and ya know their bad for you, so ya know, logically anyway I want to quit.

    Ya know what logically wanting to quit gets you? Jack shit my friends, jack shit! I wasn't feeling bad/sick from smoking, I still enjoy it alot, and sometimes it just feels good to have a smoke. After dinner, in the car, after sex, while sharpening knives(don't know why on that one but it's a thing), and god help me with a strong drink I want a strong smoke in the worst way.

    When we quit before I started smoking more cigars, I do enjoy a nice cigar. But I think it actually screwed it up for me, still having that smoking habit without a break to set it in. I'm not gonna stop smoking cigars, but I'm not smoking any right now. I figure I'll give it at least several weeks, maybe a couple months before I start smoking cigars with any regularity again. When we went back to smoking cigs last time I pretty much stopped cigars all together for some reason, but I kept the humidors in good shape for the most part, so I have a big ol stock of nicely aged puros now. And now that I'm thinking of the cigars again a nice Fuente sure sounds good with the strong drink.


    GODDESS OF VENGEANCE Crazy Bitch Lady Devil Super Moderator

    sorry to laugh but, that was just funny! I wish you the best with trying to kick a bad habit...it isn't easy, they say it easier to quit heroin then it is to stop smoking! Is this your first attempt to try and stop smoking?
    Good Luck!:GOV:
    4 bucks...:devilzeek shit, that is cheap..they are an average between 7-12 bucks a pack pending where you are when you buy them..that shit is just insane!! cheaper brands aren't much cheaper maybe by .50 cents per pack!!:ronl:
    Last edited by a moderator: May 6, 2010
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  15. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    This BS about the addiction/heroin factor reminds me of the junk info spoon fed to the pre-1960 crowd about the danger of reefer madness. :ropeman:
  16. El Gringo

    El Gringo dashing devil

    Reefer blows my mind.:ross:
    I have many puffer friends, but if I had 1 hit I couldn't operate a motor vehicle....tis true!

    I was pretty close to having a cig but then I said fuck it and fired up a pipe.
    Shit I even went all week without a beer.:devilzeek
    Just for posterity, I never said I was quitting for ever...did I? ( hummm?)
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  17. Tank Buster

    Tank Buster Rattlehead Devil

    Over here I've seen them at about $7.49 with tax. :devilzeek
  18. shakie

    shakie knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    This is what separates the men from the boys, Every new years we would make the resolution to quit smokin, pure waste of time. The only resolution I have been able to keep is no more resolutions.
  19. HotrodKelley

    HotrodKelley Brigade Member Brigade Member

    that's hillarious. Thanks for the laugh:bwah:
  20. norcal13

    norcal13 rated "e" for evil Brigade Member

    nobody likes a quitter.

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