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Why not restrict ammo sales to those who have background checks?

CDR_Glock Feb 11, 2013

  1. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

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  2. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    What would you like it restricted to ?

    A Brick of 22 L.R. is 500 Rounds.

    There needs to be NO Restriction on Ammo.

    When I shot Skeet and Sporting Clays Competitively I ordered 12ga. Ammo by the Pallet Load. ( A Couple Times a Year)

    When I shot Handgun Competitively I shot 300 Hundred Rounds a Day - 5 Days a Week 100 Rounds of 22 - 100 Rounds of 38 Special - 100 Rounds of 45ACP.

    Do You want to pay for NICS Checks on every Ammo Sale made ?

    How Many Stores that Sell Ammo will just plain Drop the Sales if they have to do a Dance every time Somebody wants to by a Box of Shells ?

    What are the Far Reaching Unintended Consequences of what You are Proposing ?

    How about Reloading Components ? Powder - Wads - Empty Hulls - Empty Brass - Projectiles - Primers ?

    Restricting Ammo is Pointless - It will have no effect on Crime.

    Just like Gun Laws - No Effect on Crime.

    Maybe You don't remember but as part of the 1968 Gun Control Bill individuals had to Sign and provide Identification to Purchase any Ammo that Fit in a Pistol.

    It was Dropped because it was proven to have no effect on Crime.

    More Pointless Initiation of Laws is the Definition of Insanity.

    "Doing the Same thing Over and Over and expecting Different Results"
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  3. S.Shepherd

    S.Shepherd knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    who are these "others"?
    criminals steal guns, what's going to stop them from stealing ammo?

    again, all it does is penalize those who obey the law
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  4. Pete

    Pete Huge member

    I don't mind giving up my right to privacy.:devilzeek Why not have an agent of the government monitor gun owners 24/7? They could live in your house and watch you while you sleep. Yeah that's the ticket. Maybe you should have to bend over and let an ATF agent fuck you in the ass for every round you want to buy? Why don't we pass a law that you have to petition your neighbors, say 50 signatures needed, for every 5 rounds you want to buy? Why don't we make it mandatory to get written permission from President Obama, and your mommy, to buy any amount of ammo? Why it's ONLY COMMON SENSE and for sure curtail any possibility of GUN VIOLENCE!
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  5. 2tallballer

    2tallballer Huge member

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  6. JohnnyBmore

    JohnnyBmore Balisong defender

    NO NEW GUN or AMMO LAWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!

    the only thing i see as sensible is to upgrade the agency's so they can deal with the work already in place ...

    for instance ... Maryland is crying about new laws to keep guns out of the reach of nutjobs and criminals ... But guess how many people are on the no Buy list in MD for Mental issues .... 56 , yes that's 56 total crazy people in MD .. just laughable , because you know there are at least 100 times that in institutions right NoW!!!

    So no new guns laws till they can at least prove how they are effectively enforcing the current ones ..

    Honestly, I say scrap all gun laws !! that way legal and honest citizens will not feel like criminals for protecting themselves, family and other citizens . If we had safe moral people carrying, we would have less issues from the criminals, and crazy's that will NEVER GO AWAY!! no matter what law is passed.
  7. mag1

    mag1 No More Mr. Nice Guy Brigade Member

    So far, I have ordered ammo online in the past 2 weeks, and have gotten no order confirm.
    Today I got 3 emails stating they want a copy of my FID, which they will only ship to that address. 2 of the vendors said if I do not provide them a copy, they are going to charge me a 10% reprocessing fee????Nuts. I want my ammo!
    It didnt bother me they wanted a copy of my id, but the resprocess fee, cmon. Palmetto state was 1 of the vendors.
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  8. knifezoid

    knifezoid Bladerunners Systems -=BRS=- Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Don't give them any ideas. I'm already perturbed that I'm getting
    limited to 2 boxes of whatever anywhere I go.

    BTW in NJ it's kinda like that already. You walk into a store they
    have to see your FID/DL. They log in every single thing you buy.
    ATF checks those logs.

    No, there is no NICS, but there is a record of sale with your name
    attached to it.

    Plus, what are we gonna do pay $15 for NICS each time we want
    a box? There is a 3-5 day delay still after the wake of the Sandy
    Hook shooting for guns. If they had to do that with ammo I think
    the system would implode entirely.
  9. IWantThatKnife

    IWantThatKnife I want that knife Knife Maker or Craftsman


    Doc there can be no compromises. Let's see, what's next; store your gun and ammo at the local police station?
  10. sandwich

    sandwich Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Community guns! We sign them out when we want to use them and then bring them back when we're done. Like a freakin gun library. Brilliant! Then we'll know who the bad guys are cause they won't ever return anything. This should weed out all criminals.

    Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. I vote no!
  11. ilovekittens

    ilovekittens Sailing the seas of cheese Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Society has changed, we need to go back to when there were family values and people had a fear of God. Take away the 200 TV stations and put Andy Griffith and Leave it to Beaver back on prime time. Toss out your video game consoles and break out the board games. Lose the time out, and discipline with a belt. Outlaw texting/cellphones and make people talk face to face. :devilzeek ILK for president, fuck ya!
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  12. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member


    I am just fucking around....I went to get ammo and there was a 3 box limit. I was like, What? So I got 5.56, Slug, 00 and 357.

    70 people lined up for the new shipment of ARs and Ammo. Talk about Black Powder Monday!
  13. x123

    x123 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    We should restrict mentally ill people from owning guns, I agree. Gun nuts are mentally ill and are a danger to society. All gun owners are mentally ill and a danger to society.

    Seriously though, being mentally ill is not grounds for stripping gun rights away from people. People often mistake insanity with mental illness without understanding the legal definition of it. The slippery slope is when they start branding anybody who owns a gun as mentally ill. I can see it now. *What did your daddy do with that gun?* "Daddy killed a deer and then gutted it!" " OMG her father is a deranged, mentally ill, deer murdering psychopath. Ban guns from the mentally ill deer murderers!
  14. Shike

    Shike knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I like the way you think.:thumbsup:
  15. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Fuck'en A,,,Have a Greenie
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  16. norcal13

    norcal13 rated "e" for evil Brigade Member

  17. TopHat

    TopHat Drivin' that train..... Brigade Member

    I agree. :yuna:
  18. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    Jesus for fucks sake who in their right mind believes that more laws make us safer. Only the people making more laws and the simpletons.
    We need to start getting rid of laws not make more. Ask any cop you know, they can bust anybody for something at anytime they want because there are that many fucking laws on the books.:devilfinger:
  19. BlueSkyJaunte

    BlueSkyJaunte waster of perfectly good steel

    What part of "shall not be infringed" is so goddamn hard to understand? :ssad:

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