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Why are Italian Stilettos so dull?

AerialMorpho May 26, 2017

  1. guiltyspark

    guiltyspark Little member

    Not sure but it is most certainly true. I love the older and the better quality new Italian style auto's, but after years of owning them I feel that the traditional design is just not that great. They're cool and perhaps good for stabbing, but that's about it. They don't really cut well or make a good EDC IMO. But they look awesome!

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  2. sam eib

    sam eib Average Member

    My smart assed guess would be because they haven't been sharpened.
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  3. Jonathan Neville Jr.

    Jonathan Neville Jr. Tiny Member

    It's a stiletto meant for stabbing, not cutting. Also they usually have soft steel, so if you actually were to stab someone (in self defense obviously haha) the blade would be less likely to break if it hit a rib or something. With such a thin blade, hard steel would be brittle it would break very easily if you hit a rib.
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  4. sam eib

    sam eib Average Member

    Well, we sure wouldn't want that to happen now would we.
  5. buddy

    buddy Slide to unlock JDBA Official Member

    While not a true Italian Stiletto protechs are always sharp as hell. I would not want to be cut from my flyfather which is the same shape as the godfather line, and also you have there don line.
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  6. metlman

    metlman JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Stilettos can be sharpened effectively, however they are designed as visually intimidating daggers.
  7. DSpike13

    DSpike13 Average member

    I don’t remember where or when, but I remember reading that they were designed for fishermen to do two things, assist in undoing knots in rope & cutting nets in emergencies. The button was so they could do this quickly & easily w/one hand. I guess the nets are thin & easy to cut. I wish I could remember where I read this, but it was many years ago.

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