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Why are Balisongs Hot once more?

Looseyfur Sep 14, 2012

  1. subieman

    subieman Little member

    possibilities are endless

    bali s offer more than other knives. the customization and use are endless. i think there is alot to be said of a knife that never gets boring. also new and inovative moves and designs . plus the rare and hard to get nature offers collectors the secondary market. i wish i could get more. i feel like there is never going to be too many in my collection. style is another factor.all things about it make it popular in my humble opinion.
  2. CannedBullets

    CannedBullets JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    I guess its the cool factor of a balisong partly because of how awesome well made balis like BRS' Replicant and AB line or even plainer looking balis like the BM 4X or BM 6X look amazing.
  3. OnceBitten

    OnceBitten Momma said I'd go blind Brigade Member

    Why are Balisongs Hot once more?

    Because they're owned by flamers.




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