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Where to find Leather Sheath for Deathwind

LikeSloth Feb 14, 2015

  1. LikeSloth

    LikeSloth Little member

    I recently purchased Deathwind #36 from DLT Trading. I love the knife but would like to purchase a leather sheath for it. Anyone know a good resource? I was hoping perhaps any sheath makers that may have worked with Lon's knives before may be a good resource. If anyone could recommend someone I would appreciate it. The blade is the 8 inch version.

    I also own a brute de forge and can't say enough about the excellent quality and craftsmanship of Lon's knives. "It's the good stuff".

  2. Lon Humphrey

    Lon Humphrey Moderator Knife Maker or Craftsman

    thanks Likesloth

    sorry for being a little slow on responding but its been a little crazy around here

    you might try over on the leather forum here on the JD


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