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When to call on God?

longbow Apr 25, 2017

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  1. longbow

    longbow scratch n sniffer

    So this is not gonna be a debate about God or his/her existence. I belong to a number of forums and probably the longest one I have belonged to is a traditional archery site. Now I quit hunting with a bow years ago and frankly hunting all together. Now I fish for salmon in Lake O. Now you all are asking yea well where does God fit into all of this.

    A poster on that site asked for everyone's prayers due to him not be able to shoot his bow due to a sore back. I'll be the first to admit I ain't as religious as I probably should be and sometimes I can see in me a definite lack of an exetensional presence that maybe severely lacking at times in my life. But that is me. Do you all think God would do anything for the fella through others that are saying they are praying for him and his back? Don't know why today it is buggin me but today it is. I understand a kind thought or two expressed to someone in the situation in the form of sympathy but for the love of Mike there a few dozen folks praying for his back? Ain't God got anything better to do than cure his back problem? Go see a doctor and I don't know follow his advice or something. Ok rant is done, and I feel better. keepem sharp
  2. Worker

    Worker Slacker Brigade Member

    Maybe God fucked up his back so he would not be able to shoot archery. The lord works in mysterious ways.
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  3. KaosRase

    KaosRase Huge member

    This is fact. I work at headquarters in heaven and seen this dudes file, he definitely made gods shit list. The pain is deserved, and there's more to come, trust me.
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  4. Lapedog

    Lapedog Little member

    While God may or may not cause this guy's back to be cured, prayer may help this person in other ways. It doesn't work that you lose an arm and then pray and expect god to make it grow back. Study of and prayer to god can help you learn to accept, understand, overcome and move past your situation and grief.

    It is said that god does not need our prayers at all. Rather it is us and our spirit that needs prayer. Even modern scientific tests find all sorts of health benefits in those who pray to and feel they have a connection with god. People who have experienced clinical death all describe an encounter with the divine that scientists try to explain away as "a dying brain's hallucinations." It is important not to get caught up thinking it is science vs religion.

    Athiests do not realize that modern dogmatic athiesm is a religion in its self. Supposedly based on reason, science has become the religion of today. The type of scientific theories that many are willing to entertain today often invoke just as much faith in the unprovable as any belief in the divine. The same people who believe in these scoff at and mock belief in god.

    Prayer leads people to faith in god which leads to happiness and health. Questioning god is not only encouraged, it is a requirement of faith. Just remember god needs nothing from us, it isnwenwho gain everything from him.
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  5. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

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