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what should i get for a side opening automatic

vdefino Feb 24, 2016

  1. fastr19

    fastr19 Brigade Member Brigade Member

  2. vdefino

    vdefino Average member

    What I mean is yes I know that but some of the benchmade autos on review received 3 stars for some for 200+ items. The H&K had no less then 4 star review from last time I saw. That's what I mean by overlooking benchmade autos. I actually saw a review for blade wiggle on Pirahnas so they are out. Too bad they had a nice price tag
  3. stdlrf11

    stdlrf11 A Most Impressive Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I'm probably going to pick up an Emerson Launch soon. I'm pretty drawn too it.
  4. Brian_W204

    Brian_W204 Enormous member

    When reading reviews, make sure to ask yourself if the sample is statistically significant. If there are only a handful of reviews, the answer is no. If not, read the individual reviews and see if their pros and cons apply to you.

    Don't even hesitate to buy Benchmade. The AFO, Pardue, Reflex, and Stryker have been in their model line for nearly 20 years only recently getting minor changes. The only model I really wouldn't recommend is the 5400 Serum, due to the behavior self-preserving internal safety.

    The HK is made by Benchmade and shares it's hardware (screws pivot, button, etc. with their knives). It just uses a little cheaper steel and isn't subject to Benchmade's MAP pricing policy. The HK MP5 auto is a much better knife for around $140, BTW.

    Piranha side openers all seem to all have a little blade play. I'm a bit put off by that, too. I'm convinced it's a fact of life with the hidden pivot, but they're not garbage by any means. I doubt you'd be disappointed if you were using it for house and office use.
  5. zogglet

    zogglet Better than Nutella Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member

    Let us know how it is; I've been somewhat curious about the Launch functionally, but I'll admit, I'm personally not too into the look of it, specifically the groove design on the handle. However, given the price, if it's a good knife, that outweighs nitpicks about the look in my book, especially when it comes to a good EDC auto, heh.
  6. falcon125

    falcon125 the express train to mayhem Brigade Member

    I am a big fan of Protech. But I just bought this Kershaw Launch 5 Emerson. (Because this thread got me jonesing a carry piece auto)
    First impression, Solid knife feels good in the hand. Light weight handle heavy blade. A little slow to open if you are used to a Protech but still snappy. Sharp as fuck. No blade play.
    Needed 2 drops of oil out of the box, 1 on button, one on pivot. Its getting snappier as I play with it.

    Bang for the buck- Great. Now I just need to put it through the paces.



    Oh Ya a big shout out to BladeHQ. They always make me happy.
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  7. zogglet

    zogglet Better than Nutella Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like an outstanding value. I'm very used to Protech-level snappiness myself, having four of them, but there's no arguing the bang for the buck here, regardless of my visual nitpicks. Good stuff. Congrats on the buy! :thumbsup:

    (BHQ always makes me happy too, hah.)
  8. Sharpazzhell

    Sharpazzhell locomotive disaster

    I used to have protech strider tr3 auto. It is nice spring action. Sharp. And lock up is solid on all protech. Its small size but the ergonomics are great. Some of the other ptotechs have weird handles and it didnt feel comfortable in hand. Cant go wrong with tr3 strider. There in the 200$ range to. Protech is a good company. Also microtech LUDT are serial numbered and they are good too. Yes a hawk deadlock I would go for but theres not too many. If you have a hawk then I don't see any problem with probably the best out the front knife I've seen that's double retraction is the AKC F16. The way it feels in hand is nice and it's fun to play with without misfire. I go with a hawk for d/retraction and single would be a halo. But as far as piranhas go they have great designs but they have side wiggle. Like I said protech you CANT GO WRONG. It's my OPINION about the handle. Protech for cutting and collecting and microtech LUDT ir sacoom elite. I'd skip the ultratech and go for the hawk. Even burn knives have a tiny play but nothing beats the hawk otf. The dalton is in there too. Like someone said preference. Buy what you like and what's in your heart. Ask yourself what you want in it. Ask advice. Even if you have a conflict between 2 protects or a microtech just ASK. Yea I know he baught something and I'm late posting.
  9. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli JDBA Official Member Brigade Member


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