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what should i get for a side opening automatic

vdefino Feb 24, 2016

  1. vdefino

    vdefino Average member

    My question is should i go with a myerco 18max auto knife, or a microtech side opening auto? im looking for which one would be more durable, lasts longer, has a great srping action and solid lock up and better locking system out of those 2 only?

    PS: yes i am aware of price difference and the microtech would outshine it, but i dont like design on microtech side opening auto. it looks like a boker magnum handle with a microtech blade or at least similar handle structure. i dont really care about coolest design. my concern is more about what is mentioned in the above.

    Also i would like to hear your opions on which one you would pick and why?
  2. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I've been happy with the Pro-Tech autos that I've owned. :thumbsup:

    All are snappy lil fuckers and I've never had a problem with quality.

    Plus they generally aren't too expensive.
  3. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Most definitely the MT side-opening auto...; because mine is cool, and all that:

  4. zogglet

    zogglet Better than Nutella Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member

    This++ :spacedevil:

    I have the Pro-Tech Magic BR-1 Whiskers design (forum knife), and it's just terrific. VERY snappy, unique and easy deployment (as well as safe; I have yet to think of a way it could possibly be deployed accidentally). :manganr:
  5. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    ProTech again, one of the best production auto producers
  6. vdefino

    vdefino Average member

    pro tech autos. i kinda overlooked them. the reason why i overlooked it is bc i saw someones review on a pro tech dark angel single action OTF. The person doing review said that the double edged blade was not sharp and there was some play. i expected it at that value for a single ation it would be solid lock up. Then the person stated that he had handled other proteh items and that they had a problem with sharpness too. so after hearing all that i just assumed that it applied to the autos too. but according to you guys i will relook at them and probably get one since it has my preferences i am looking for thanks. any other suggestions let me know. please do not suggest anything higer than 300$ as i cannot afford anything. I think any higher you are just paying for the design and maybee a liitle bit better materials. is that correct? Honestly the only thing i would pay for in the future( way in the future) thats over a grand is a G & G hawk Deadlock OTF but thats on another thread.
  7. willis68

    willis68 ROVs Rock Brigade Member

    I own over 30 Protech knives, I have had zero issues with any of them,

    If they ever do make a bad one, you will find no one better than Dave and company to handle it, their company and customer service is unbeatable
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  8. nocheese4u

    nocheese4u Notch'yo' cheese! JDBA Official Member

    The JD Strider Protech forum knife! Win X's 3!
  9. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Sharpness issues??? :wtf:

    The only issue I've ever had with Pro-Tech are that they cut my ass too quickly!! :devilzeek

    Never seen a dull one, unless I'm the one that dulled it down.:devilroll:
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  10. tnhawk

    tnhawk Little member

    I have several Protech knives including the Dark Angel. All have been well made knives.
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  11. Shiroi.oni

    Shiroi.oni Huge member

    Protech all the way! As mentioned; pick yourself up a JD PROTECH/STRIDER! Win win!
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  12. Brian_W204

    Brian_W204 Enormous member

    What is a Meyerco 18max? I have an 18 X-Ray. Lots of dealers were selling them for around $100 about a year ago. The one I got had quite a bit of blade play, so no surprise they were cheap.

    Which Microtech side-opening auto were you thinking of? The older LUDTs have an awesome-looking blade shape. The handle they introduced in 2010 wasn't an improvement. The newest models from 2015/2016 brought back the old handle, but the blade is fugly now.

    As other have said, don't rule out Pro-tech. I'm a big fan of Pro-Tech too. The TR-3 might be my all-time favorite side-opening auto. I think I've got 6 of them.

    Don't rule out Benchmade, either. The 4300 CLA is a very nice size for EDC and it won't show handle wear like aluminum-handle autos. Also, the Benchmade Auto-axis lock like you find on the 9555 Rift is probably the strongest lock you can get on an auto (even though at the same time, it makes for some of the most difficult-to-deploy autos).
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 26, 2016
  13. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Me I love my Daltons,but to carry , there dangerous in the pocket, I also live in NY and when I carry one I use a double action , but for a single action you really should have gotten the strider/protech from JD it has a safety on it so no accidental openings in the pocket and hey feel great in the hand , I had to pass on it myself have my money tied up on another blade .But have the microtech DOC which is almost the same thing . and I love it .Good luck in your quest

  14. raymond454

    raymond454 Little member

    Hardly any experience here with auto's, but I do own the Meyerco 18
    X-Ray (don't know of an 18max). I find it to be an excellent auto. Sharp, tight and fires fast. Unlike many people, I prefer a somewhat heavier knive, so I have no problem with it's width and weight. Not a fan of black blades, but it only comes that way. I read a lot about Protech and it seems to be a favorite with many people way more experienced then me. The Meyerco can be had for under $100.
  15. corjzg

    corjzg Hittin' Switches

    A few overlooked production S/O's:

    Brous Bionic (comes in flipper too)
    Piranha (any)
    Boker Kalishnikovs
    Ratworx Chain-Driven

    +1 for MT/PT/BM
    Re: Dalton (DCC) EDC safety: most DCC S/O openers are fine to carry. It's their safety-deprived OTFs that can be problematic. There are a few active listings with some users now on various forums. The 07/01 is a particularly common model that's cheap, ATS34,and a rock solid EDC. As Gary said too, EDCg autos in NY is scary business. In today's current market of flippers and legal A/Os, all I have to think about is the Sullivan Law and the only Automatic you'd find on me in NY, would be in my phone's playlist under Don Broco
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2016
  16. c219460

    c219460 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Definitely go Protech, although the snap on a Dalton is hard to beat.
  17. vdefino

    vdefino Average member

    Ok so I saved some money and decided to go with a TR-3 shaw eagle limited run automatic. It locks up solid, has great spring action and great fit and finish. Thanks and yes I am happy with it. I will keep buying protech stuff, but I like to collect different brands as well. I will skip over Benchmade autos bc some didn't have great review. I find myerco to be inconsistent. I'm also looking for other brands in 100$-200$ price range that have all my preferences which are snappy spring action, solid lockup, durable, and sharp. My next question is should I get an HK ENTOURAGE (couldn't find a negative review on bladehq) or a piranha auto? Even though I'm not big on design something about there design appeals to me on piranhas. Thanks
  18. vdefino

    vdefino Average member

    To the other person I meant MEYERCO 18 X-ray not 18max sorry typo
  19. SlightChance

    SlightChance Miller's Maddness JDBA Official Member

    When I think production autos I think Pro-tech, Microtech, and Benchmade.

    Kershaw has some nice side opening autos out right now. I think they are called the Launch series. There are like 5 or 6 of them. I like them all, but I may have to get the Emerson designed one. The colors they are doing is really appealing to me.
  20. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Doesn't Benchmade make HK knives?

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