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What is your favorite...

deadpool Nov 11, 2012

  1. deadpool

    deadpool merc with the mouth

    I was wondering, for general perspective, what is your favorite:

    Blade steel?
    Blade shape?
    Blade length?
    Handle material?
    Holes, slots, other?
    Pins (tang/zen/other)

    I am partial to:
    1095 for carbon and S30V for SS
    I love spear/ bayonet grinds, utility never looked so good.
    I like 'em big, 4+ inches
    ti is a given, but brass is classy. I have to go G10 over SS liner.
    I love the Tox. trend. Its grippy, feels right, and looks cool.
    I love the regular old Solid tang pins. Zen dont seem quite right to me.

    Just one of those shits and giggles posts. I love the AB and all the new knife stuff, but wanted to see a thread without AB/MT/BM in the title!
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  2. HonorHer

    HonorHer Custom Knife Builder JDBA Official Member

    uhhh .... the kind i can flip lol i know about jack shit when it comes to steel
  3. SkullTalls

    SkullTalls Huge member

    I don't know much about Steels and materials..

    Titanium handles
    Steel spacers
    4+ inch blade
    Zen pins
    Hole Patterns similar to the 42, basic.

    Bowies and clip points are my favorite blade styles.
  4. senseicharles

    senseicharles JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

  5. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    D2,sv,cm could care less as long as the quality is there...love a spear point and tanto, some Bowies...4+, titanium, and I like g10 micarta, handle design is so difficult to run down... I've seen good and bad in many different patterns, it's subjective to pattern I guess... I like either one that looks good or serves a purpose,which is subjective.....I love zen
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2012
  6. SonicDaEdgehog

    SonicDaEdgehog Huge member

    Blade steel? 440c
    Blade shape? Bowie
    Blade length? anywhere between 3.5" and 4.5" is just fine- 4" to be fair
    Handle material? Stainless
    Holes, slots, other? I like slots more, but holes are good as well.
    Pins (tang/zen/other)? I prefer the classic tang-pin setup.

    and one more> Sandwich vs. Channel? I am a channel man.
  7. SockMonster

    SockMonster Huge member

    Blade steel? 154CM
    Blade shape? Tanto or Drop Point
    Blade length? 4.7
    Handle material? SS channel
    Holes, slots, other? Bloodwood inserts
    Pins (tang/zen/other) Tang pin
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 11, 2012
  8. kizuf

    kizuf czechee ďábel JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Blade steel? Doesn't matter too much, I have mostly 154CM and ATS-34 so I'll go with that
    Blade shape? I tend to like aggressive, pointy, narrow profiles
    Blade length? 4"-5"
    Handle material? Steel. Ti is also great with some ano... I didn't like aluminum.
    Holes, slots, other? Holes, but I'd really like to have a bali with some nice wood inserts now.
    Pins (tang/zen/other) I have only balis with tang pins thus...my vote goes to Moon/Begg internal pins :devilfinger:
  9. 46Alpha

    46Alpha Average member

    Blade steel? 154cm for stainless and 1095 for non
    Blade shape? spear point or anything with a swedge
    Blade length? 4-5"
    Handle material? Ti, G10 and CF (or a mix of these)
    Holes, slots, other? Slots for flipping, solid with inlays for looks
    Pins (tang/zen/other) Tang for sure
  10. worthless

    worthless worthless? Nah!

    I'm not picky about blade steels, as long as they have a good amount of corrosion resistance. I don't like d2 or sandvik, but 154 and s30v are both good.

    My favorite blade shapes are bowies and japanese style tantos.

    4+ inch length, but under 5... 5"+ starts to get a bit unwieldy.

    Ti handles usually, but balance is more important than materials.

    Slots or holes or whatever, as long as it looks good.

    I like zen pins.
  11. Phason

    Phason Huge member

    Blade steel? s30v
    Blade shape? weehawk
    Blade length? 4" to be fair
    Handle material? brass, i would like it as a retro
    Holes, slots, other? I like holes pattern like dice's style
    Pins (tang/zen/other)? I prefer the classic tang-pin setup.
  12. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Bowie Blade
    Hidden Zen
  13. sirhorsechoker

    sirhorsechoker cheapskate balifag fliptard

    the tachyon 2, alpha beast, and 42 are all 154cm blades. handles all 6al-v4 ti. i suppose these are my favorite materials. im not so sure if the bushings are necessary or not.

    Emerson uses 154cm for almost everything

    i would love to own some brass though, jus so folks know how sophisticated i am

    ... i have success maintaining d2 also.
  14. elusiveweasle

    elusiveweasle Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Give me a 440C Bowie blade with SS handles. I love slots, but I love their holes more!!!!:bwah:
  15. deadpool

    deadpool merc with the mouth

    I think it is very interesting to see the ammount of people that take the blade steel as almost a non-issue with thier knives. I think this may prove more than ever that most of the guys here dont use their bali as a primary cutting knife for EDC (neither do I always) but perhaps some of the guys may not know full advantages of different steel. This is not a stab at anyone, just an observation.

    This being said, I think that it might be a very nice idea for some companies to opt for cheaper steel in lieu of more expensive stuff, simply to reduce cost while still maintaining high quality and flipability. This mostly showed me what I was asking, so thanks for playing along.
  16. kizuf

    kizuf czechee ďábel JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Well, but have you read the complains about BM6x using D2? I think it doesn't matter only to some extent - like to choose from a set of steels. I read some articles/posts about different steels to get some idea. But I don't use my knives so much to recognize the difference between ATS-34 and 154CM (that's basically what I have). On the other hand if I would see they would use some 'cheap steel' although I might not 'feel' the difference it kind of tells you they are saving on quality and you start doubting the overall quality (of materials). So it has some psychological effect, I'd say. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Baliguy

    Baliguy Huge member

    Blade steel: 154CM but like some other also
    Blade shape: Bowie, Scimitar, Weehawk, LST and unique shapes
    Blade length:4"+
    Handle material: Titanium but like others also
    Holes, slots: Like classic hole patters, SOS,slots and inalys of wood or exotic materials.
    Pins: all provided they are implemented properly

    THEONEANDONLY Drunk on the Blood of Saints JDBA Official Member

    I am not a steel snob so anything works for me really
    I like kukri shape on the 41, and the AB, not sure what its called
    I like a blade 4.25-4.5" range, the longer balis are easier to flip up to point, but the 5" are bit too long
    I like the feel of G10 but prefer the weight of Ti, SS is nice but makes them too heavy IMO
    I like hoes and sluts, yep they both work for me
    I definitely prefer the look of zen pins, though for flipping I don't think it really matters
  19. deadpool

    deadpool merc with the mouth

    I have not read the complaints, yet, but will check into it. You make a valid point, and I spoke with some knife makers not long ago about the actual price difference in most steel is not in the steel in and of itself, but what we (the consumer) value the steel for. Like gold and diamonds, just rocks and metal until somebody wants it. I know if I spend $300 on a knife, it might as well have quality steel.

    And I BELIEVE (dont hold me to it) that 154-cm and ATS-34 are nearly identical on a molecular level, and that the diffeence is that ATS-34 is smelted in a vaccume to refine the grain structure.
  20. kizuf

    kizuf czechee ďábel JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Yep, we usually want it although we won't actually take advantage of that particular steel.

    I don't know the difference, but I realized those two are very similar.
    I wanted to write that I wouldn't probably recognize much of a difference even if it was say s110v... (except for sharpening...maybe)

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