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Welcome kitchen knife enthusiasts!

Ronlad Nov 30, 2011

  1. Ronlad

    Ronlad Vox Diabolus Administrator

    This will make all other kitchen knife forums look EXACTLY as :lame: as they really are. If you are going to do something, DO IT. We are opening this up to make it the best it can possibly be. Have fun and enjoy.

    Chef Ronlad
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  2. kayakjax

    kayakjax Deep & Wide Brigade Member

  3. Manganr

    Manganr Devils Supermoderator Super Moderator

    I happen to know that BARK RIVER does some incredible kitchen knives and i'd like to see pics if anyone has any!:thumbsup:
  4. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    Me too.
  5. kayakjax

    kayakjax Deep & Wide Brigade Member

    These two aren't actually Bark River Knives, though they were made at Bark River Knife and Tool, by me at the Jerzee Devil Grind-In this fall.

    [​IMG]Click It

    The first one is basically BRKT's Kitchen Petty (I was lucky enough to find a blade blank for one on Mike's desk). I chose Maroon Micarta with Mosaic Pins because my very first BRKT knife (a Northstar) has that combo and I really like it. I did most of the work with lots of help from the Bark River crew, but had Dan "Rockin" Rumfelt do the bitchin' convex job.

    [​IMG]Click It

    The little paring knife started out as a long, thin German blank also found on Mike's desk. After I drew out the shape I wanted, Mike himself ground it out for me. After getting everything the way I wanted(the handle is very round, almost cigar shaped, and has brass pins), I had Jim Stewart put the convex on it. Jacquie Stewart etched both knives with the Grind-In logo, so this particular knife had the hands of three Stewarts on it. It's priceless, to me. Incidentally, this blade had a Solingen etch that was too deep to get out, so the Grind-In etch is on the other side from every other knife I've ever seen photographed by BRKT. (Crystal, BRKT's photographer said she couldn't remember another one.) Another cool touch, in my opinion.
  6. TPetsch

    TPetsch Ice Cold Handshake

    ...Remember this classic SNL bit?

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