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Warranties & Discounts

stephanfowler Sep 16, 2008

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  1. stephanfowler

    stephanfowler knifemaker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    My posted sale price includes shipping and insurance.

    I can accept Money Orders, Personal Checks (will need to wait for the check to clear) and Paypal to: Stephan@FowlerBlades.com


    I offer a 15% Discount on any Full Tang, Fixed Blade knife to any current or prior member of the U.S. Military, Police, Fireman.


    I absolutely 100% guarantee your satisfaction with my knives. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with my product within 7 days you
    may return it for replacement or 100% refund, this assumes that the knife is in at least near original condition.
    (no fair throwing it at concrete and then trying to send it back.)

    All knives are covered for Materials and Workmanship until such time as I am no longer physically able to make knives (hopefully a very
    long time). This warranty applies to the knife regardless of any transfer in ownership, so please feel comfortable that if you purchase a
    knife made by me on the secondary market, it is covered by my full warranty. This warranty does NOT cover abuse of the knife.
    Handles made from natural materials, such as wood, bone, horn, and antler, are subject to shrinking, cracking and checking as a natural
    process of aging, changing environmental conditions and use. This is part of the character the knife develops over time, and is not
    considered a defect. If the handle or blade develops a problem through normal use, I will be glad to do whatever I can to repair or
    replace the knife with a similar knife.


    There will be no charge until the knife is complete and you have been sent a picture of the knife. Obviously the knife will not be sent until
    your payment has been received and processed.
    I do not take deposits on knives, period. The only sane reason I have ever seen to take a deposit is when the knife requested is of an
    outlandish design that it couldn't possibly be sold to anyone but the original customer. In which case, I'm probably not interested in
    making the knife, my sincerest apologies.
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