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WARNING-Abandon USPS until it gets it's $hit together

FlyGuy Jan 8, 2021

  1. FlyGuy

    FlyGuy Brigade Member JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I'm sure many of you are aware of the problems with USPS right now. For those that are not and planning on selling/buying knives, do yourselves a favor and use UPS or FedEx. It has never been this bad with USPS.

    The express FedEx boxes are awkward for most knives, but if you can fit what you are selling in the large flat square they give you, it is like 12 bucks to ship across country in 3-4 days. A small priority size box sent ground is about $18 or so, worth it because it gets there.

    There is a lot to blame. COVID causing personnel shortages, a huge increase in online shopping, and for whatever reason they cut overtime right when the holidays came around. A reduction in domestic flights is a big one. They frequently use FedEx and UPS planes as well, but there is no room now. Potential politically motivated sabotage could have occured from Dejoy. Whatever the cause(s), they are fucked.

    I currently have 5 packages that are MIA. Some since late November. One has been sitting in Maryland for over a week, and many have been sharing that their packages have been at the same facility for over a month. My wife has a package shipped early November that has been touring the west coast in circles every week.

    It is not worth the stress, and extra $10 or even $20 is worth it to me to go elsewhere. This will not clear up any time soon. There is a facility in Baltimore reported to be behind by millions of packages. They are usually first-in, first-out. Then when it becomes overloaded it switches to last-in first-out and you really get screwed.

    I know, people are dying in mass from COVID, we are on the brink of civil war, and a bunch is going on now that may be more important. I just want my knives damnit.
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  2. seandavid55

    seandavid55 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    People should also be aware that USPS is not requiring signatures on signature required packages. I've come home to find one just sitting in the mail box and one sitting in front of the shop. Not sure why they wouldn't put a card in the box saying come pick it up.
  3. Blurred Memories

    Blurred Memories JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    last time I had something shipped by UPS, i learned they actually sub out shit and hand it off to the USPS anyway.
  4. FlyGuy

    FlyGuy Brigade Member JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Yeah, but usually when they hand things off to USPS it is for the last leg of delivery. The problem is primarily in the larger sort facilities by airports. Still no guarantees with any if them, but FedEx has not given me any problems.
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  5. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    got a Dalton out sent it Nov 16th still missing ,,lucky I got 750 .00 insured ,,at this point in time i only send Next day mail and insured .

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  6. FlyGuy

    FlyGuy Brigade Member JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    That sucks Gary. I finally had two of mine show up after a few weeks. One is still MIA in Rochester. Yours will appear eventually. I would wait a bit to file a claim if I were you since USPS will not likely cover autos and you don't want to tip them off.
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  7. begreen61

    begreen61 Deadicated JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    they finally showed 7 weeks late
  8. BennytheBlade

    BennytheBlade LUC4 JDBA Official Member Super Moderator Brigade Member

    Yep, no more USPS for me for a long time. Ups and FedEx are open but no set schedule locally... Always darkest before the dawn
  9. RNST

    RNST Entrusted Devil Super Moderator

    Fedex are worth the extra bucks. On time and 'touch wood' always deliver.

    My battles lately have been Canada Post. A shipment from England took 2 days only to be held up in Customs for 5 days and now it's handed off to the Posties it's been another 8 days. And this was Royal Mail International Express!

    This is not a one off. It's the third shipment from UK and the USA that is just not getting to the post office after the Customs have done their thing.
  10. rtz

    rtz Little member

    Went to FedEx to ship to the UK. They had USPS handle it. It was in limbo for weeks at the Chicago airport. The next update it was and still is in Singapore. Either it got put on the wrong plane or it's taking the long way there. They also charged $100 to ship a box from the US to the UK!

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