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want to get my first chefs knife and would love some help from y'all

blood on blood Apr 10, 2013

  1. Mike Stewart

    Mike Stewart Knife Moderator/Bark River Knife & Tool

    Get her a 6 or 8 inch chef instead of the Santoku.

    The Santoku is kind of a Compromise knife. That is why I make them with a curved belly instead of a Flat.

    The Traditional ones are Flat Edged.
  2. bfm

    bfm Should read BMF a new type of Strider

    And order placed.

    Thanks Mike and Derrick.
  3. L R Harner

    L R Harner They call me "Butch" Knife Maker or Craftsman

    my 4 piece set would be
    12-13 inch bread/carving slicer
    6-7 inch small chef/utility blade
    7-8 inch nakiri
    3 inch parer

    guess you could flip flo the edge lengths on the utility and nakiri tho i just woudl rather have both blades and not jsut the one santuko

    i loved having my 8 inch nakiri but some one liked it more then me and paid to have it shipped to them so now im down to 240mm chef knife

    im going to make a full set all matchign for the house one of these days likly in XHP less i can get some one to make me a batch of XHP/PD1 Damascus
  4. bfm

    bfm Should read BMF a new type of Strider

    Similar. Wish the Northwoods bread knife was a bit longer. Some home made loafs of bread really require 10-12"

    Insert innuendo here.
  5. bfm

    bfm Should read BMF a new type of Strider

    Order arrived. Very well made. Good balance. Now I need a chance to do some food prep.
  6. bfm

    bfm Should read BMF a new type of Strider

    Have been using them for a while now as she is learning how to cook, I am helping where I can.

    Great knives, now I just need to break her of all the bad habits she picked up using knives that were duller than dog droppings.

    The slicer is all around knife and the one I have reached for most. I may already need to touch up the 7" Santoku as she has this habit of driving it through the food with enough force to bounce off the cutting board. As mentioned, she is not used to sharp knives. I resharpened a few of the cheap knives she had and all of the edges had been completely folded over.

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