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wall hanging knife display

snack Aug 6, 2018

  1. snack

    snack Little Member

    not really sure if this is the right spot to ask this, but i was looking to get some kind of display piece to hang on my wall that i could sheath my knives in when not in use. i bought a benchmade folding carrier case with the intent of tacking it open to the wall, but its really tight and i cant even see the knives when theyre in it. i dont think its really what im looking for.

    was wondering if any of you knew of something like this? as of right now, all my knives are just in pouches in a pile on my cluttered desk and it just aint workin for me anymore.
  2. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    Hopefully some of the guys with display cases can chime in and help you out. @AJD1
  3. AJD1

    AJD1 Prince Of Darkness Brigade Member

    I think everyone who collects knives,at 1 point or another,asks these same questions,regarding display,at some point and is much easier said than done,by my experience.

    Many years ago when i realized i had spent many many thousands of greenbacks on my collection,only to have my knives tucked away in drawers,under beds,or laying on various tables around the house,i had a brainstorm idea that i wanted to "display" them in some form or fashion. and went looking at what dealers did to display stuff.

    I had seen dealers at shows,with really nice custom wooden chests,some costing thousands of bucks,showing off their wares by sliding open drawers to get at their knives,but as nice s those chests were,they still "hid" the knives from view,as did safes and other types of "storage" units.

    I came across a guy who had brought maybe 50-60 customs to this one particular show and had them in glass top wooden cases/chests and thought they looked really sweet, but i just had no where in my house that i could visualize enough empty space,to lay down the amount of knives i wanted to display,given i'd want cases of a big size,which would take up alot of space quick,if i had enough of them to hold all my wares.

    The only idea that came to mind,regarding where i had alot of empty space,was my walls!
    I had never seen or heard of anyone mounting collections/knives on their walls,like one would hang a painting,as of course it would take alot of planning and custom work,to be able to stick a bunch of different sized knives up on a wall,inside a chest or shadow box,as gravity tends to pull in a downward motion :clydetz: and didn't like the thought of hanging a chest up on a wall,only to have everything inside,"fall" to the bottom.

    Thats when I decided to call around and speak to guys who did in fact work with shadow boxes and hanging displays and found that the secret
    to hanging a bunch of different sized objects,in the same "chest" was to focus on the foam inserts and their thickness as thats what would hold the items "in place".

    I found,after many months of trial and error, (and sending the chests back and forth to the maker) that with the right sized and correctly cut foam,i could indeed lay 4,5 or 6 different knives inside a chest and have the glass and the foam,act together as a sort of cradle to hold them in the upright position,without the risk of the knives falling into each other,causing damage etc..

    I ended up with 8 chests of which i use 6 of them in 1 room,to show off some average priced knives in my office at home but decided for the really pricey stuff,to go out to a local furniture store and purchase a large sized "china cabinet" with glass shelves and lighting,to then place alot of my expensive knives on acrylic pedestals you can buy online for pennies a piece,so that they are all "displayed" versus gust sitting inside zippered cases,tucked away from view.

    I also still utilize my good old fashioned gun safes for a few of my wares but all and all,i get no end of compliments from people who enter my home for the first time,when they see roughly 150 custom knives "on display",throughout the couple rooms i show them off in..

    Here are a few pics of the chests,which are now maybe 15-16 years old as well as the china cabinet which houses a bunch.
    I interchange the wall mounted chests every year or so and what they show for knives here,aren't what is currently on display today,but it gives you the idea.

    Good luck..

    DISPLAY 4.jpg
  4. snack

    snack Little Member

    thanks for the response! your setup looks good.
    personally, i live in a shitty little apartment and never have guests over. i like the idea of nice wooden cabinets and chests, but i dont have the room and it doesnt seem necessary yet for my still small collection.
    so, what i ended up doing for now was i got a jewelry display thing that hangs from a coat hanger. its a thick plastic front over black canvas with zippered sections. i fitted them with anti tarnish strips and silica pouches just to feel more proactive. it was like 20 bucks or less and hangs on my door right near my bed so its super accessible for flipping over a safe surface. the pouch sizes are tiered, so though the bottom ones are big enough, i had to cut the stitching between some of the middle ones to make them longer. seems fine for now.

    heres an imgur link since i cant figure out how to post images

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  5. desmodus

    desmodus Arc Sodium Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Not a bad setup at all.
  6. Ironmaster5

    Ironmaster5 Tiny Member

    I use wooden strips with strong magnets bolted on I can display in almost any position.

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