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UNCOVSKY - Titanium Friction Folder - Knife Review.

primdev Mar 23, 2016

  1. primdev

    primdev Primal Devil

    Okay, I don't do many of these. Not my thing. However, when I come across a knifemaker who exceeds my expectations, I've just gotta share.

    I reached out to Matej Uncovsky after discovering some of his work online. I went to his pages and fell in love with his attention to detail on handle artwork. When I showed him some art I was interested in having him place on one of his knives (pretty basic stuff considering some of the work he's posted online), he gave me a quote & timeline. I quickly accepted and commissioned him for the job.

    The artwork, a tattoo on my leg. I got permission to use it as a tattoo from Path of Dawn (PoD), a typography student and member of deviantart. It's Kanji Script of Bushido's Way of the Warrior inside the outline of a Samurai.

    Matej contacted PoD, who okayed him to put it on the handle. Matej kept me in the loop on all work. It truly felt like a collaboration (without me doing any real work, lol).

    When my knife arrived, I was over the moon. I quickly pocketed my first-ever friction folder and have carried it around for a bit, showing it off, of course. Please note, while I do appreciate the concept of friction folders, I've never really felt the urge to buy one, till I saw Matej's work.

    Bring on the pics. Please note, it'd been handled quite a bit before taking these pics (smudges, etc).

    My order came with everything you see. Metal case, carry pouch, knife, wrench, matching tag and paperwork. I ordered an extra tag for my wife. Prices vary depending on artwork. Basic knife without artwork, alone, is a nice value. With my artwork, at the price I paid, I feel it was a steal. The pic showing paperwork has the specs of the knife.


    Btw, Matej added additional Rules of Bushido at the bottom of the handle. Very nice touch.

    Matej Uncovsky's communication & customer service were outstanding. His wife, Anna, works with him. A really great team. I expect Uncovsky Knives will become well-known.

    Thank you, Matej & Anna!

    Matej Uncovsky's pages:

    I believe this is my first review on JerzeeDevil. I hope it's usefuil.


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  2. Rover

    Rover Rock N' Roll Outlaw JDBA Official Member

    That's very cool :thumbsup:
  3. wes

    wes Mephistopheles Super Moderator Brigade Member

    That’s nice.

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