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Treating the handle & sheath of Blackjack Classic Leather 1-7

Stu Jun 4, 2020

  1. Stu

    Stu Windswept & Interesting Devil Brigade Member

    Howdy all.
    I finally bought one of my "grail knives", a Blackjack 1-7 with compressed leather washer handle, and it's fantastic.
    I was a little surprised,to find a few dull/rougher spots on the handle, but I've looked at lots of photos of others and this seems normal. There's also the tiniest scuff on the sheath, so I'd like to treat/protect both the leather handle and the sheath to make sure my knife lasts.
    I've seen Neetsfoot oil and Snowseal on Amazon and know both can be used but I wonder if anyone out there in "devil land" could please advise me what is best and how I should use it?
    Should i treat the knife and sheath now, whilst it's new or wait a while?

    I've also got a SOG Bowie 2.0 on order (another grail blade) & have a couple of Marine Corps. Kabars that I want to treat.

    Thanks very much guys. Stay safe and well.
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  2. Stu

    Stu Windswept & Interesting Devil Brigade Member

    So, What do you reckon?

    Should i treat the handle and sheath with Neetsfoot or Snowseal from new or wait a while.
    MY Blackjack Leather Classic arrived and it's great, but the SOG Bowie is on back order.
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  3. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab' Pakal I JDBA Official Member

    it’s always good to keep leather well conditioned. it feels nicer and will take the abuse better than if left dry and unattended.

    i have a kit that contains general leather cleaner and a leather protector/conditioner. it’s no name, got it with furniture but works well.

    i purchased some 1970 conditioner from witchdoctorzero. it works very well and smells great. good consistency too. slightly darkens the leather at first.

    he only has the small size in stock

    i’ve seen a few leather craftsmen mix their own conditioner to their liking and sell it.

    the only reason i would not treat leather unless done by some type of preservation specialist is if it’s an antique of value

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