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Trashing Sales Threads

seandavid55 Aug 6, 2019

  1. seandavid55

    seandavid55 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Seems to be a lot of this happening lately. Not sure why it's a pet peeve of mine. But fuck it's annoying.

    If the rules of voodoo are followed, then leave it be. If you just dont like the price, seller or just want to cause a pissing contest.....rethink it and stfu.

    If you have a question that's specific about the item for sale which would inform all potential buyers, ok.

    There is a direct message feature for a reason.
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  2. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    That sure is a purdy knafe! I wish I had the money! :bwah:

    All I can add is AMEN BROTHER!
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  3. Thanos74

    Thanos74 Hillbilly Deluxe JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    I agree totally and completely!!! Take it to DMs people!!!
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