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Toughbook Upgrade Help

McGyver Apr 19, 2011

  1. McGyver

    McGyver Persistent Bastard

    So I rescued a Panasonic CF-28 from the dumpster and I'm trying to get it operational again. Current HDD is a 20GB Fujitsu, but it's clicking like crazy and I can't get it to read at all. Swapped it out for a 4GB I had laying around and the computer itself seems to boot up just fine. Not sure what the processor size is just yet, but we'll see. Thinking of putting XP on there, but I also have Win2k and NT.

    The big thing I need is the drivers for all the various parts and pieces. Panasonic no longer supports this model, and while they do have an FTP site, it's nearly 3 GB of drivers itself, and none of them are labeled or catagorized in a way that I can make sense of. Anyone know of a site that's like a 1 stop shop for divers?

    Also, anyone have a spare 2.5" IDE HDD laying around, say in the 40+GB range, that they would be willing to part with?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. choombak

    choombak Huge member

    This post, and this site (download location) should help.

    And you'll have to do all the reading. :ross:

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