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Thirty years of gun collecting; or, I think I'm done...

Sheldon_Wickersham Aug 26, 2014

  1. Sheldon_Wickersham

    Sheldon_Wickersham Blue Star Knives Knife Maker or Craftsman

    It took a while, lots of money, focus, and dedication, but...

    I think I have all the guns, ammo, magazines, scopes, bipods, mounts, holsters, belts, slings, stocks, cases, tools, manuals, books, etc. that I need...

    It's been a hell of a ride. Now, to shoot more... :devilroll:
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  2. FLAWLS1

    FLAWLS1 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Just wait until some new stuff comes out, then you'll be on a shopping spree again.:bwah:
  3. Southern Cross

    Southern Cross Level: True Devil

    Riiiiiiiiiight. I'm guessing that was written with a heavy dose of sarcasm...because if it wasn't...you know you just cursed yourself. You swear off the purchasing any new guns in earnest and the very next day they will repeal the NFA act, '86 ban and any other federal/state/locally produced interference with your celebration of the 2nd Amendment! Then the day after that Colt will announce their new Rail Gun...a real rail gun (not their 1911 of the same name) that runs for a year of continuous use on two AAA batteries, has bore laser accuracy out to 5,000 yards, 1000 round capacity, comes in your choice of three form factors...an AR-15 (all variants), AK-47 (all variants) or an M1 Garand, the previous two also come with special grenade launchers that, using newly developed nanotechnology, do not launch explosive rounds, but lunch special nano pods that burst into 10,000 rounds each of 9mm, 45ACP, 22LR, 5.56NATO, 7.62NATO and 7.62x39 ammo, and, most importantly, when used on weekends and at the touch of a button, transforms into a flawless, perfect android version of Megan Fox (AR-15), Scarlett Johansson (AK-47) or Marilyn Monroe (Garand) that will do you every bidding until the button is pressed again (located at the left nipple post-transformation). If the button is pressed on a weekend day that coincides with the 4th of July or Christmas...all three women make an appearance.

    At least I know that's what would happen with my luck! Bet you never saw this thread going there!
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  4. Sheldon_Wickersham

    Sheldon_Wickersham Blue Star Knives Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Hmmm, well, now that you mention it, I do kinda have a thing for Scarlett Johansson's... :jdwink2:

    My point was, for those of you that both own and shoot, it seems you can never have enough; i.e., there's always 'something else' to buy for what you have. For today at least, I've got that covered.

    My last rifle shoot (I may have already posted this), after helping a friend's grandkids shoot at the GC, with them leaving as some rifle shooter friends arrived; asking one of those new arrivals to spot for me, I put four of four in the bulls eye at 100M using this.

    View attachment 121961

    At our RSO meeting last Monday, while on the pistol range, at 12 yards, using Winchester silvertips, I put eight of eight in the bulls eye with this.

    View attachment 121962

    Then, tonight, while lasing about on the back deck, I hit a Coke can sized wood floater out on the lake, at about 100M+, with four out of four .177 rounds with this, a Gamo Hunter & Tony Tuna gold trigger.

    Gamo Hunter.jpg

    It stands in a corner, so...ah shit, looks like I need scope cover. Never mind... :bwah: SAR 3-8.jpg

    1903 1.jpg
  5. nocheese4u

    nocheese4u Notch'yo' cheese! JDBA Official Member

    I say five weeks before I see you post pics in the new acquisitions thread:manganr:
  6. Mike Grasso

    Mike Grasso "to protect and to serve" Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I'm getting to that point Sheldon.
    Going to the Indy 1500 Gun Show this weekend and for the first time there's nothing I can think of that I want.
  7. unreconstructedgordo

    unreconstructedgordo Level: True Devil

    I think the "Golden Age" of gunmaking is gone. besides some billeted ARs I made I have no post 2000 guns, nor want any really . I like craftsmanship above all, and bullet shooters 2nd. There allways may be that gunsmith built rifle I lust after, but right now I have a large stack of German Weatherbys, Pre 64 Winchesters and others to sell for $ in my approaching retirement.:jdwink2:
  8. Southern Cross

    Southern Cross Level: True Devil

    I can definitely see what you guys are talking about. Though I still consider myself too new to collecting and shooting to truly appreciate the beauty of those early guns that received loving attention from a true artist...I can see a glimmer of that in some of my guns. My tastes go towards the "black evil rifles" so most of my collection consists of civilian versions of modern military rifles. The only gun I have where I could see some attention went into it is my Wilson 1911. You can see it...you can feel it...that something special you just don't get with say an MP5 or an M4. They have their appeal but its not like they were artisan crafted or anything like that.

    I totally see what you mean though...no matter what you get there's always something new and "next". Something you just have to have. I guess that's the same with every large scale hobby though. I'm sure there are stamp and coin guys that jump from one grail search to the next. It is the same even in my hobbies that receive less attention. I would build the ultimate RC truck setup...then move onto a touring car or something. They all have one thing in common though...from crafting the perfect short-course truck and jumping through the dirt to working on the perfect rifle and tagging bulls-eyes at 100M...they're all a helluva lot of fun!
  9. Virgil

    Virgil Brigade Member Brigade Member

    What's the story on the Colt Pocket Hammerless ( 1903, 1908 ? )... I just picked up a 1903 ( .32 ACP ) that I haven't fired YET - stocking up on ammo for a trip to the range, those old Colts are the way guns should be built. Yours looks great !

    Also, nice HK 91 ( G3 ? )
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 29, 2014
  10. TheBadGuy

    TheBadGuy NATURE'S FINEST Super Moderator

    That is a beautiful Colt. I am envious of you guys. My want list is still pretty full and my budget is pretty empty, its going to take many years or a large increase in income to get to the point you are. It's a good place to me though. Not go cruise the custom knife exchanges and start fulfilling those needs.
  11. Sheldon_Wickersham

    Sheldon_Wickersham Blue Star Knives Knife Maker or Craftsman

    It's a 1903 in .32acp, made in 1921. It came from a friend's collection; it's a light recoiling straight shooter. I replaced the springs with a kit from Wolff, and have had zero problems shooting it to date.

    Thanks, it's a Springfield Armory SAR3, made in Greece on H&K tooling. Good stuff. :thumbsup:

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