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They Got Him!

mack1 Apr 19, 2009

  1. mack1

    mack1 Resident Bastid

    US Marine Corporal, Cesar Laurean, who has been in Mexican custody for about a year, was returned to the US on Friday.

    In case you don't remember, Cpl. Laurean was charged with Murder shortly after the burned remains of Marine Lance Corporal Maria Lauterbach, who was pregnant at the time, were found buried in a fire pit behind the home Laurean shared with his wife & daughter.
    Later tests proved Laurean was not the father of the unborn child.

    Mexican Authorities only agreed to extradite Laurean after being assured the US would not seek the Death Penalty.

    Too bad, there.
  2. Cadi Con Carne

    Cadi Con Carne Kwitcherbitchin' Lady Devil

    What business is it of theirs what punishment we seek? Hellfire, given the choice between a Mexican jail and the Death Row in the US for 20+ years, I know where I'd wanna go. I've seen jails in Central America (though thank GOD never from the wrong side of the bars), and I do NOT want to entertain the idea of making that any kind of long-term residence.

    Someone needs to peg this guy from a rooftop during transfer or something. Come on, Mexico's getting worse by the day, right? Nobody'd be able to catch you with a significant enough bribe...come on, I'll start the pot at $20! Any takers?
  3. Boogerball

    Boogerball My posse's on Broadway Brigade Member

  4. longbow

    longbow scratch n sniffer

    There is alot of "allies" or so called friends that won't extradite to the U.S. because we have the death penalty. Canada I think is one also, that won't extradite. Sucks if you ask me, but then again you can only kill these cocksuckers once which just doesn't seem fair. keepem sharp
  5. englishmark

    englishmark Wicked Gardener

    Here in the UK they won't extradite if the death penalty is on the cards.
  6. Stabber

    Stabber Stabber's Steel Connection Knife Maker or Craftsman

    so we have to give the prick 3 hots and a cot??

    Wonderfull country America

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