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The steel thread

RJ Martin Feb 26, 2015

  1. RJ Martin

    RJ Martin Tactical Knife Maker Knife Maker or Craftsman

    I loved talking with the metallurgists at Sikorsky back in the day. They were looking at materials for bearings but passed on the BG42 in favor of an alloy that had Nitrogen in it. I can't remember the name of it. But there were lots of unique considerations based on the application in every choice they made.

    In preparation for the Miami show, I made Q36's with both CTS204P blades and S110V blades. I love both these steels. But by the time I had my 8 knives done, 4 of each, I was 100% convinced that S110V makes sticky locks compared to the 204P.

    I don't have the equipment to really see how the tangs looked, so this is empirical data only. But I suspect that the tang surface in the 204P simply comes out smoother than the S110V when ground with the same belt and finished with the same process. Maybe it's the carbides. But those S110V locks aren't going to fail in use. They may fail to impress a customer who is looking for an effortless release, however.
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  2. Dogwood Dan

    Dogwood Dan Brigade Member Brigade Member

    pleas forgive me but ! have a H1 question

    I have been trying to fined heat treat data or hard numbers on H1 but so far have only found that it may cure cancer and it can be used to split atoms. I started with a 2006 rumor reporting a deferential hardness with 68 Rc at the edge on a Spyderco knife, but no hard data to support this. Also I have found steel that can reach martensite at as low as 250 degrees so it would easily work harden and it seems to be martensitic precipitation-hardening stainless, but the composition seem to far off from H1, and impractical for blade steel. If you could point me in the correct direction or let me know I am chasing a rainbow unicorn I would be grateful.

    thank you

  3. desmodus

    desmodus Arc Sodium Administrator Lady Devil JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    when's the next run?

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