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The obscure movie thread

Mr.LaBella Jan 25, 2007

  1. coyotebc

    coyotebc Huge member

    Two old western comedies
    My name is Nobody
    The Villain also released as Cactus Jack
  2. coyotebc

    coyotebc Huge member

    Great movie
  3. coyotebc

    coyotebc Huge member

    The Long Kiss Goodnight is still great movie
    Outlander is a so so movie
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    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    I just saw National Lampoon's Loaded Weapon. Didn't even know Samuel L Jackson had been around that long but for the most part it was a pretty hillarious movie. Kind of like the Naked Gun movies except it was supposed to be making fun of Lethal Weapon and some other movies that were pretty popular at the time.
  5. MikeZepol87

    MikeZepol87 Seriously Good Sport!

    The brothers bloom, I loved it. :thumbsup:
  6. droid

    droid This IS the droid you are looking for! Brigade Member

    "The Quiet Earth".

    Reviews are a 6.9 out of 10 but I really enjoyed it.

    Then again, I like the Science Fiction genre of yore.

    I believe it was shot entirely in New Zealand using actors from the area long before it became popular to do so.
  7. waterdogs

    waterdogs Brigade Member Brigade Member


    This is one funny, bad-ass movie....

  8. BaByGoTtHeRuNz

    BaByGoTtHeRuNz Enormous member

    Phil the Alien (2004) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0404325/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

    "Near a backwoods Ontario small town, a young alien, on vacation, crashes in his ship. Disoriented, this confused young extraterrestrial is captured by a young boy who, after naming him Phil, introduces him to the stupor of hard liquor before the boy's hick father throws him out. Roaring drunk and bunking with a friendly talking beaver, Phil eventually wanders into a bar where his new addiction traps him even while he wants to go home. Meanwhile, a secret US black ops organization activates a drunken field agent to find the alien. However, while he searches, Phil's easily manipulated personality leads him down paths that profoundly affect his new native friends. "

  9. Buffalohump

    Buffalohump Off the reservation

    Most of my favourites are from the 70s. Just some crazy films made in that decade. I really dig early Jack Nicholson movies. One of the best is The Last Detail with Jack Nicholson at his finest. Also has one of my all-time favourite comebacks:

    "You're shitting me..."
    I wouldn't shit you, you're my favourite turd."

    Another great Jack Nicholson one from that time is Five Easy Pieces.
  10. LX_Emergency

    LX_Emergency Huge member

    Snatch is an obscure movie??? You mean there are people who HAVEN'T seen it?
  11. Nathan Dewey

    Nathan Dewey That guy you know Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Raising Cain
    John Lithgow, Lolita Davidovitch
    Great build-up, bit of a goofy ending. Apparently this was loosely based off a real book about child psychology.

    Another Brian Yuzna production, HP Lovecraft is a bad-ass with 3 stories that have virtually NOTHING to do with anything Lovecraft wrote except for faint "nods" here and there.
    "they took my mind!"
  12. Raindog

    Raindog Will photograph for food Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Like the movie Repo Men? Like musicals? Let's mix them together and see what we get. Repo! The Genetic Opera And this baby actually came out BEFORE Repo Men.


    This is probably the only non-porn movie that I would ever want to see Paris Hilton in.

    An earlier movie, staring a very young Emilio Estevez, sounds similar but really has nothing in common with the movie above. Repo Man.


    Finally, a movie that may be well known by youse guys in NJ (due to it being from Kevin Smith) but that is fairly obscure to the mainstream throughout the rest of the world, I offer Red State. It's a flawed but biting satire aimed at the Westboro Baptist Church and the ultra-conservative Christian churches.

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  13. dymond47

    dymond47 Better than gold or platinum

    couple more for you guys,2006 slasher Drive Thru with Horny the clown he,s a badass! Glenn might get a kick out of this one. an older David Cronenberg film Videodrome it,s trippy! and Cop last two films stars James Woods.
  14. 22MEANTXGUNS22

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    Saw "Runaway" with Tom Selleck. I remember this movie real well because my dad got a kick out of being the only one who new that was a makeupless Gene Simmons, always grinning when he'd ask someone if they recognize him and they'd say no.

    Also saw The Lost Boys Trilogy. I know the first is far from obscure but the second and third apparently went straight to dvd and didn't really get much advertisement that I can recall. I finally watched them with my friend and I gotta say, the sequels were very poorly done and should have never been made. They waited over twenty years, the little trio never appeared in the second one which is really more of a modern day remake of the first, then they were going to bring em all back in the third one but Corey Haim died of a drug overdose so that idea was scrapped and they just slated the Frog brothers, except the other one was hardly in the movie and there are way too many references to Cory Haim's death which kind of makes it depressing and leaves the whole series on a downer. Oh, and the ending just makes absolutely no sense at all, I don't wanna spoil it in case you decide to give em a try but it's just well, stupid to the point it's insulting and I'll leave it at that.
  15. Stu

    Stu Windswept & Interesting Devil Brigade Member

    Not sure if I've mentioned it before, but "Brotherhood of the Wolf" is a cracking movie.

    It's a French movie dubbed in English, has some martial arts and Tomahawky goodness in it and, as if you needed more, lovely Monica Belluci gets her kit off in it!

    One of the heroes has big knives that he can spin as they have side-handles on the guards.
  16. the dude

    the dude this aggression will not stand man

    i gotta watch that again,
    i saw it in the theaters,
    i was pissed at 1st cuz it was dubbed:bwah:
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  17. pad2

    pad2 Helps enable Mr.LaBella's addictions Brigade Member

    "......... Does the noise in my head bother you?......"

    from one of my all time favorite's .........

    View attachment 105999 :thumbsup:
  18. krhen

    krhen Huge member

    Anyone see "Cast a Deadly Spell"? HBO flick hard to find, but I've found it out there um on the internet somewhere :manganr:

    Lovecraftian mystery and intrigue


    EDIT: Well well, entire movie here:


    AND evidently there's a sequel I've never seen! Must find!
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  19. Spherediving

    Spherediving Average member


    Anyone seen "Crossing the line / The Big Man" with Liam Neeson and Billy Connollly, Joanne Whally-Kilmer
    About a Scots bloke who cant get a job, but can bare knuckle box quite well
  20. 22MEANTXGUNS22

    22MEANTXGUNS22 Huge member

    Just saw "Judgement Night" Starring Emelio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr, Stephen Dorff, Jeremy Piven, Eric Shrody, and Dennis Leary. How this one can be overlooked is beyond me. The first four names I mentioned play a bunch of pals who get lost in a bad part of town and witness a gang murder, the leader is Dennis Leary, who I still can't find funny as a comedian because of this role because he was just so damn malevolent. From then on it's just a straight out, ruthless manhunt in every sense of the word until they decide to stop running and have a showdown with the bad guys.

    It's a bit predictable and has alot of action movie cliches but still very suspenseful and well made.
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