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The New Daddy

medit8 Jun 22, 2016

  1. medit8

    medit8 Brigade Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    The man was at work when the phone rang. He knew it was THE time...his wife's water had broken earlier that morning and they knew the baby would come very soon. He ran out of his office, and drove as quick as he could straight to the hospital.
    When he got off the elevator of the birthing floor, he saw a nurse holding a tiny baby wrapped in a pink blanket. He just new it was his baby girl. Then he saw the nurse grin and look at him as she took one of the baby's arms...and bent it until it snapped.
    He screamed and ran towards her as she took a tiny leg out of the blanket and snapped it too.
    When he got near her, she looked at him with a smile while twisting the baby's neck until it hung limp.
    He screamed at her and said "Why did you do such terrible things to my baby?"
    She started laughing and said:
    "April fools! The jokes on you.The baby was stillborn!"
  2. djdawg

    djdawg Huge member

    Thats sick ...............lol

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