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The end times?

Worker Jun 9, 2008

  1. t.k.t.c

    t.k.t.c Huge member

    in my opinion 2012 is a bunch of horseshit. the media tends to make things look 500 times worse than they actually are. the world will end one day no doubt but as to when?who the hell knows. there are still too many things that would need to happen before the world actually ended..
  2. Worker

    Worker Slacker Brigade Member

    I think 2012 is BS also. This is about everything else.
  3. t.k.t.c

    t.k.t.c Huge member

    everything else? the economy, oil, wars. is all just media hype. sure its actaully happening but it is not as bad as they portray everything to be.

    you're watching too much tv bro. take a walk in the woods and chill for a bit and you will see just how much is still left in the world.
    1. the economy is in a lot better shape than it was during the great depression.
    2. oil has always been a bitch since jethro struck it back on the farm.
    and 3. wars? hell war has been around since the dawn of time..
  4. gpd215

    gpd215 Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Fucking Tom and Jerry my man....
  5. dillard1

    dillard1 Righteous One

    The Mayan calender was as true to them as ours is to us!!!!:devil1:

    They just run out of stone and was the reason for the Dec. 12, 2012 Ending
    as we know it. Its all BS and its just one that really knows. We sure dont
    and will never know. The Mayans were good at keeping up with Seasons
    as they went by the solar times as well......:madaddy:
  6. Bluntbare

    Bluntbare Little member

    This shit has been going on for decades. If you know your history every decade of the last century had some sort of theme to ensure panic and fear in the populous. The issue of oil has been a critical problem since the 70's. Food shortages have been an issue for a long long time. The scary part now is how our government plans to solve these problems. Oil will always be around, Canada's practically swimming in it, Russia just found huge reserves, South America's trying to figure out how to market their enormous oil supply. The middle east a thing of the past. Bringing it cheaply to our country is the tricky problem. Food is a huge issue only because there haven't been enough regulations to prevent non-renewable production. So most of the world now has turned to genetically modified crops, and don't even get me started on those. The market crash was planned and orchestrated and made a lot of people very rich, but now here we are to deal and it sucks. But don't forget the greatest generation of the 20th century stemmed from the ashes of the great depression. Through hardship we typically find our purpose and courage. In terms of our finances and jobs, the answer is simple, work near home and support your community. How it was before the auto industry fucked it up.The hard part is that every major media and marketing organization in the country has very successfully brainwashed our culture into believing we're helpless without progressive technology and the best businesses are online. That's great for everyone who loves being online, but in the meantime the fabric of our morality and the meaning of our cultural ideals is disappearing. We can't live the way we have been, everyone knows that, the hardest part is letting go of the most luxurious and wasteful lifestyle on earth, something I even struggle with. But the rewards are the greatest they'll ever be.

    We are not facing the apocalypse, but we are at a crossroads. What we do as a nation now will effect everyone down the line. I don't believe in that there will be an apocalypse, nor a cataclysmic catastrophe based on a Mayan astrological calendar, but I do believe that if we turn our heads now, the future will be bleak and it's path irreversible.

    I read the other day that there is a cultural crisis happening in Vermont, where a tradition of passing down hunting knowledge and technique has all but disappeared with the new generation. Many sons now wish to be involved in the "new world" rather than spend time in the forest. So something as basic and essential as survival technique has been replaced with the iphone. Say what you want, but there's no app for intuition and there never will be. This is the kind of stuff that scares me, losing sight of our humanity. If you live in Vermont, please tell me if this is a real concern or just tabloid.

    The world is always in crisis, that's not what bothers me. I just want my son and my future family to live with the same choices I have had, with clean food, air, water, and some land to remind them what it means to live as a creature of the planet, not as an owner of it.
  7. tmbrcrafter

    tmbrcrafter totally hetero, no seriously Brigade Member

  8. HotrodKelley

    HotrodKelley Brigade Member Brigade Member

    Wait until hyper-inflation kicks in, and see how great the economy is then.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 6, 2010
  9. Peter Lezard

    Peter Lezard Hobbit of Fortune

    I think the Illuminati will end the world on purpose, just so that they can rise from the ashes of a world wide meltdown, caused by the finding of Mayan rolodex, which has the means to contact the ancient aliens that inspired all religions, so they can ask them to make the Yellowstone super volcano blow, which will cause the oceans to rise, drowning all other forms of government, but not before they make gas cost $100 a gallon, and the CIA admits to creating the AIDS virus, using a recipe they got from Da Vinci, who got it from the last remaining survivor from Atlantis, after solving a world wide spanning riddle, with the help of Mystery inc, which leads us back to the tv that is about to shoot a broad beam harmonic death beam and kill us all on 12-12-12

    Make a movie out of that Spielberg!!!!
  10. Parker

    Parker Former Village People Roadie Knife Maker or Craftsman


    Ssshhhhhh! They can hear you.......

  11. firepowerfox

    firepowerfox Foxy Devil Lady Devil

    Oh no Tom Cruise please save us!! hee hee :devil1:
  12. Tank Buster

    Tank Buster Rattlehead Devil

    The only thing that really trips me out about this whole 2012 shit is the supposed solar storm that NASA has confirmed will happen around December 2012.

    They say it will be strong enough to completely wipe out the nation's power grid.
  13. Greatwhite

    Greatwhite Huge member

    Ya, and Y2K was supposed to terminate life as we know it...

    What Y2K did was make a buncha paranoid MF'ers rich.

    What that (Downing the Power Grid) means is, those who cannot live without electricity will be shittin' thier pants.
    Warriors have been living and fighting without light for centuries.
    The Warrior will prevail.

    Put candles and fire starters in your EDC bag.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 6, 2010
  14. Worker

    Worker Slacker Brigade Member

    Does this mean I can't get an iced carmel frappachino at Mcdonalds?

    Also, I know the warriors will make it, but what about angry sheeple? How will they make it? Angry sheeple can be very dangerous, especially when the're hungry.
  15. SugarSkull

    SugarSkull Ring Of Bone

    Nothing new to see in print here. 2012 is just another alignment of equators which have occurred beyond recorded time. The end of what?

    This so called crisis has been hovering for decades, or longer.

    One man stood on the edge, ready to plunge to his death over these matters. At that moment he realized it's all or nothing. His thoughts are written down in book form titled "Utopia or Oblivion".

    If you haven't read any of his works, it's time to meet R. Buckminster Fuller.

    To get a taste of his ideas check out quotes from the man.

  16. norcal13

    norcal13 rated "e" for evil Brigade Member

    goddamn i hope so.

    i hope all breakers fail and it all goes ...from generation to receptacle.

    imagine the OT.
  17. siriusaudio

    siriusaudio THE SERIOUS™

    I'm getting a generator to tie into the house. Not for 2012 but because it's Chicagoland, and winters suck around here.

    Meh, I's gots my guns and my chewin tobbacer...

    I'ma ready...
  18. PIC

    PIC Unchained

    Yep!! we're fucked!!:demented: time to "re-load"!!!:devil1:
  19. THE END

    THE END JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    THE END is here !:devilzeek
  20. Greatwhite

    Greatwhite Huge member

    A. Screw the angry "Sheeple". When the SHTF, we'll be eatin' them.

    B. What color panties do ya wear when ya go to get that "Iced Caramel Frappa-whatthehellever" from a place that caters to future Heart Attack Patients??

    C. Don't that shizzle give ya Vaginitis?

    D. Candles and Firestarters. And, NO, That dosen't mean Apple pie scented candles and your local Pyromaniac...
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 8, 2010

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