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  1. FlyGuy

    FlyGuy Brigade Member JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Had an interesting interaction with this new member, and would warn anyone from doing business with him. Nothing really terrible, he just seems to be a flake or he was fucking with me.

    Friday- sent a PM to me saying he was interested in my item and could pay. I followed up a short time later with payment details.

    Saturday- I reached out to see if he was still interested because he never responded, he said he was and that he was able to pay. Nothing happened.

    Sunday- He contacted me to see if I still have it, I said yes, then he said PayPal was inbound. I waited a few hours and told him I did not receive any payment. I did not get a response even though I saw that he logged in.

    Monday- I tell him that the item is no longer available to him and ask what his deal is. I tell him I will hear him out before posting this thread, but he never responded even though he has logged in. I gave it a few days and here we are.


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