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thai e-nep. rattan handle

ausjulius Apr 8, 2014

  1. ausjulius

    ausjulius Little member

    so of you guys might know these thai knives. known as "meed e-nep" (knife enep) in thailand , although im told correctly the name should not be e-nep. but something like "twisted rattan knife" when translated to english. although ive never met any thais who new it by a different name.

    there is lots of e-nep styles , this is one of the more recognizable ones.
    and i think the most attractive in blade shape.

    e-nep can go almost from a small knife with a almost re-curve bowie type shape up to a large kukri type chopper.

    this one i purchased of a tool maker recently in a small regional city.

    the blade is from some canadian tool steel plates he had obtained somehow.. they appeared to be blanks punched out in a diamond shape ready for drop forging, most likely for a specific part, some had the makers ontario address already impressed in them. i imagine they might have be for a agricultural machine of sorts, he had many sacks of them and they made a perfect enep blade after a bit of forging, they looked quite old.. 30+ years. he wasn't using any recycled steel,
    the other stuff he had was bar stock from taiwan and korea
    unlike many smiths in thailand no saw blades, truck springs or other car parts .. just new steel, or in the case of the forged canadian blanks, some sort of cutting blade tool steel..

    anyway they guy was quite friendly and him and his son took some time to chat with me.

    e-nep was their main product and they made lots of them in many styles

    they were still using a hand plane to thin out the blades in the 21st century.. they did have a trip hammer which is odd as a belt sander would have made things easy. but i guess old habits die hard.

    anyway this one is interesting because the handle is actually rattan cane.

    this is unique in that when wet the handle will grip your hand, unlike wood, it acts like cork or compressed birch bark that is used in russia for handles, i think birch bar is far superior in a wet environment to rattan , but then you must understand it is stacked material, and can only be used on knivesand not on anything being introduced oto any great degree of force like an e-nep (that and there is no birch in thailand)
    it is far superior to wood for a handle material it is stronger , transfers impact better and it is cheap and easy to work , one downsode is that id can really only make a few shapes and sizes.

    i am experimenting in obtaining a curved golok shaped rattan handle of one of these knives to see how it works.
    as the rattan handle will have to be curved first and steamed before shaping.. must find a thick hunk of rattan ..

    this knife really chops nicely and i prefer to to a kukri, it cuts well and dosnt glance off material like a kukri blade does, being a tool and a weapon, while the traditional kukri is really all weapon

    anyway just took the pictures before bedtime so they aint very impressive,

    if i get round to if i will upload some videos of the e-nep being made and some fotos.
    next to it is a thai club named a khom-fag thais being thais drop of the g becoming khom-faa, this one is a beast and more of a club than a baton , made from heavy hard wood.

  2. Mr.LaBella

    Mr.LaBella ←The № 1 Devil→ Administrator

    Great thread!! Thanks for sharing, I'd love to hear more of this story too:devilcorn:
  3. ausjulius

    ausjulius Little member

    hey or sure, well,
    what to say there is lots of knife making here in thailand.

    i made an enep the other day for my wife :)
    ill ad some pictures when i take a foto of it.
    here is some others i sharpened recently DSC03052.jpg

  4. ausjulius

    ausjulius Little member

    or make a club at home from a jungle bamboo root (dont know the name of this type of bamboo but its solid with no hollow centre and very heavy 3 or 4 times nromal bamboo)
    and paint it like a snake.. DSC03296 (Large).jpg

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