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Ten to watch in 2017 Part 2

Les Robertson Feb 16, 2017

  1. Les Robertson

    Les Robertson Guru of Steel Knife Maker or Craftsman

    Les’ Makers to Watch in 2017 – Part 2

    Knives Illustrated’s March/April issue features an article I wrote titled “10 At The Top”. This article showcases the top 10 makers to watch this year. As an on-going blog post, I will not only discuss the makers to watch, but also give you the opportunity to own knives from these top 10 makers.

    Number 3: Ben Breda
    His subtle lines and design elements incorporated into each of his knives immediately catch your eye. Moving you to want to handle his knives; doing so only further increases your desire to own one of these exceptional knives.

    Pre-order the knife from the article:

    Number 1: Wess Barnhill
    There is no wasted effort on his knives. Every aspect of his knives is done with a purpose. While having the look of a piece of art; a closer examination shows they are all business.

    Pre-order the knife from the article:

    Number 4: Steve Randall
    When I think of his work the word clean comes to mind. He is extremely versatile in both his steels and his designs.

    Pre-order the knife from the article:

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