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Tach 2 Bowie, Benchmade 239, 29

silkworm Apr 6, 2015

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  1. silkworm

    silkworm Silky Devil JDBA Official Member

    For Sale:

    SOLD Tach 2 Bowie. Black blade. User and flipper. Lots of snail trails on the handles and noticeable marks on the black coating. Tip is a bit flat. Bone stock otherwise. Flips well, no issues except for the cosmetics. SOLD

    SOLD Benchmade 239. User and flipper. Typical loosey goosey handle play. Great condition for it's age. SOLD

    TRADED29 Upswept Pira. 4" blade, African black wood scales. Stainless steel handles and latchless. Like new. TRADED

    Prices are shipped in the US. I'll take PayPal, Post Office Money Orders, or checks if you want to wait for them to clear. International shipping is fine but it will cost extra and you'll need to agree to my shipping terms.

    I'll entertain trades for a Benchmade 43 T-latch, and mid-tech folders.
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  2. Vic

    Vic Huge member


    PM sent on Tachyon
    I'll take it

    One down and one to go. Now looking for the Beast.
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  3. armedpootles

    armedpootles JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Seconds on tach

    Apparently thirds haha
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  4. sage

    sage JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    pm sent on 29.
  5. filamrockr

    filamrockr Huge member

    I'll take the BM 239, please :manganr:
    PM sent.
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