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  1. avillageidiot

    avillageidiot Average member

    I carry at least three knives at any time. The one brand that is always with me is a Victorinox of some
    type lock blade or non locking. Before 2001 when flying I noticed that most knives drew additional focus
    but, the red handled Swiss Army did not. Victorinox has in my opinion has been viewed as more of a
    tool and not a BAD knife. While at a state firearms class the challenge was " only real men carry Swiss
    army knives" well all but one of the attendees produced a Swiss Army knife. So what am I asking is
    does any of the Swiss Army knives have to go in the pocket before you go out the door? For me yes
    I own about 15 and they all get pocket time each... what do you think. VI
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  2. apdallaround

    apdallaround K'inich Janaab' Pakal I JDBA Official Member

    i carry a leatherman free for work everyday and it’s helped in many situations

    i dont carry a multi-tool or sak edc outside of work unless i’m taking a long trip
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  3. snache

    snache Should be a custom title here

    Yes my "pocket knife" is a small Victronix, the scissors come in handy. I got the huge one many years ago for a birthday present and it goes in the bag on trips. The real knife carried is usually Cold Steel, Spyderco or vintage Gerber, fixed or folding.
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  4. woodlander

    woodlander Brigade Member Brigade Member

    I always have a small Victorinox in my pocket. I use the scissors and the file quite a bit. I have carried one of those for the last 25 years. I lost the original about 5 years ago and had to replace it. The fact that it will also serve as a screwdriver can be very convenient. Al in all, it is a good piece of gear to have in one's pocket.

    Usually, I have a Benchmade 707 along for more demanding cuts.
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  5. crogers

    crogers Magnus advocatus diaboli Super Moderator Brigade Member

    I've carried an SAK for many years. These days, I usually carry the Tinker. It has a Phillips head driver instead of a cork-screw (Shit! My wine has screw caps anyway!) :alcoholic: Plus, it's big enough to do about anything I'll need a knife to do, without all them gadgets that usually end up in my way.

    I feel like you do. Several years ago (Pre 9-11) I went to the airport to see my father off on a trip. When I went through security, they wouldn't allow me to carry my keys on a kubaton, but handed me back my SAK. Things are a bit different now....

    When I still worked, I carried my SAK, a Spyderco Endura, and a Leatherman Surge with a couple different blades. I was ready for just about anything!
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  6. Book'em

    Book'em Little member

    The Huntsman is in a pouch on my belt at all times. I usually have 1 or 2 other knives with me also.
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  7. snache

    snache Should be a custom title here

    I love cargo pants(yes I am old) for my pocket knives, usually carry 3.
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  8. Logan1832

    Logan1832 Little Member

    I know I’m late to the party on this one (story of my life) but I wanted to reply.

    My first knife was a SAK back in 1985. Since then , I’ve always had a thing for them. And although I’ve been collecting knives seriously since 2007 , I haven’t had a SAK in my collection as an adult. Until now , that is. Just ordered a Victorinox Hiker and Super Tinker. All the different handle colors and variations are cool but I just have a soft spot for that original dark red handle. Long live the SAK!

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