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  1. velocityboy

    velocityboy Huge member

    Chicks are funny like that. My girlfriend loves to watch me shave via straight razor. I've even offered to let her shave me (e.g. latest Bond movie) cuz she's always so keen on watching, but as yet she hasn't found the nerve. Too scared of killing me...I guess that's a good thing.

    Still, her support for bali flipping has been minimal. Never bothered to ask her why. I suspect it's because the "old timey manly man" romance factor isn't there. :devilroll:
  2. SockMonster

    SockMonster Huge member


    My dog seems to be my only supporter in my home too. My parents and siblings seem to leave the room or get uneasy. He just seems attracted to the movement, which actually had caused a few close calls.

    My friends at work think its funny when I get cut because I leave things on the first aid log sheet just for them.
  3. JAKMAN32

    JAKMAN32 JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    My brother has been my biggest supporter so far. I've only been at this for a short while, but when we get together he wants to see the latest move I've been working on. Gives a critique and always encourages me to go bigger, and add new stuff to my reputoure. He's even taken to a bit flipping now again so I bought him a twist.

    My father also supports my hobby, him being a gun collector he knows all about the "bug" u catch when ur passionate about something. The man has an eye for detail and respects bali's for their strength of design, he was blown away by the PAB's build quality when I showed him.

    Last my gf condones my addiction by letting me practice when ever I want. Guns and knives kinda scare her so she doesn't quite understand my obsession.

    My friends dig watching me flip but they usually choose to take a step bak when I flip, for obvious safety reasons lol.

    Cool thread tho looseyfur:thumbsup: giving respect where it's due
  4. azswinger

    azswinger Huge member

    Don't take this wrong as you've got a beautiful dog, but I have to ask why does it have a bright red eye?
  5. jjhamilton

    jjhamilton JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    You've never seen that before?? Somewhat common....genetic thing...had cats & dogs with different colored eyes...some red, some deep blue or pale looking....
  6. Pinoy Knife

    Pinoy Knife JDBA4L JDBA Official Member

    Ed great post!! you are lucky to have her and "Little Man"
    My thanks goes to my wife of 22 years,my 21 year old son ,my 14 year old son and large family.even if they don't fully understand me being a "Knifemaker" they see how much i enjoy it and they are happy to share their support .
    i am very gratefull to all of you guys here on the J.D you are one of the main reasons i do this,i get to picture you like a little kid waiting for X-mas to open your "Present" and it makes me pretty happy to imagine your reaction. it's a good thing!!
    often it is the little things in life that bring happiness!!
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  7. Rio

    Rio Como un angel JDBA Official Member Knife Maker or Craftsman Brigade Member

    Well nobody to support but nobody gives me shit about it which is like support, my avatar gives lots of buddie which inspires me .
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  8. velocityboy

    velocityboy Huge member

    Haha! jj is sort of right. she does have two different colored eyes. one blue and one brown. the brown one looks red in the pictur because of the "red eye" effect you get with anybody when you use a flash.

    actually that's all a lie. my dog is just pure fuckin evil and that's her demon eye.
  9. deadpool

    deadpool merc with the mouth

    My wife is supportive, but hates the JD because it has opened me to the world of many more knives. Until the JD I was unaware of soooooo many balisongs being made, and my wallet has got thinner since joining. She loves filming my competition videos and likes seeing a new trick. Good wife I say, but I will trade her for a PAB AND mutant.
  10. jb3ofdiamonds92

    jb3ofdiamonds92 Huge member

    Seems like my boy XzIsanityzX has been my biggest support. I only started flipping a couple weeks before he picked up a bali, and when he picked it up, man did he enjoy it. I'm saying you could just see the light in his eyes, I knew he was hooked as bad as me! Over the past 5, almost 6 months, we are finally making a ton of progress, and every step of the way, it's been a barrage of, "What tricks are we working on this week" or "guess what trick of got down" and "check out this combo i thought of." You know what. I've enjoyed every damn second of it. On top of being a challenging flipper, that guy is like a brother to me! Wouldn't trade his friendship for any knife! (although he doesn't have a AB, so his answer might be different! :ropeman: :bwah: )
  11. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Bali Demon JDBA Official Member Brigade Member

    Did someone say "supporter"?

    My daughter flips her trainer. She likes a few of my Balisongs. She likes one that she named Iris which I traded. She was mad so I contacted Chuck Gedraitis to make me another. Number 101 = 15, a 3" Damascus blade with buffalo horn inserts and Damascus latch.
  12. XzInsanityzX

    XzInsanityzX Little member

    I love you too man, i gotta send it back to ya. jb3ofdiamonds 92 is easily my biggest support. Every day pushing each other to be better than the other but never more than a friendly competition. Ive been thru just about everything with this kid, from kindergarten to graduation, airsoft and paintball, playstation to xbox haha. So it was only natural to get into flipping with this guy. Easily my closest friend and an even closer brother to me, plus if i wanna flip an AB ill just come home for the weekend.:thumbsup::manganr:
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