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Sugarskull this is really important about him

Kelper Jul 29, 2012

  1. sickboy

    sickboy Marsupial Brigade Member

    Rosie, we are here for you. I agree. Get out and see someone. We can do what we can from here but you need a warm-blooded person to interact with. I hope you have a Happy Christmas. Please try to remember that things WILL get better.

  2. AILL

    AILL Enormous member

    I don't know how I found this heartbraking thread - well I'm a big big newbee here.

    But I ended up crying, big big tears running from my eyes.

    Rosie, the best wishes for You!

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  3. Manganr

    Manganr Devils Supermoderator Super Moderator

    Raised a toast to Scott today and to Jerry Da Bird and others..
    Good guys all of them and devils we lost in 2012.
    Always remember the good times because for these Devilz they will always outweigh the bad ones by a real margin.....
    God Speed Devilz.

    Oxymoron but so fitting ....
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  4. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Scotty I am ok

    Today I came home and found out on fb I had been dumped, very embarresed without any warning at all, should have figured though that butthole, was a loser, glad I found out now

    I found my wallet thank god. The cost of replacing the green card was an enormous task, I just hope I get enough taxes back to cover the fee's for passport renewed and also the cit stuff. Got to find a way of paying for all this, in 2013. Otherwise I am sent back to UK. So its back to eating as little as possible. Staying strong for they do not need to loose another devil.Now I have the drivers license I carry with me, that keeps me going.

    It was not expected. I am ok now staying strong in the knowledge of what we were together. Wish you had not put spellchecker on though. I will be ok, dont worry love, I had a great time out with Rick Gail and the family. I am not going to do anything stupid at all. This time I want to meet someone that really likes me for who I am and not a lying cheating S.O.B.

    No need to worry guys, and lady devils I am ok, I mean it. Life is too damn short you all have given me such great support that helps me a lot.

    Manganr Thank you for raising a toast to all that were lost this year. I am raising mine as I type.

    Please dont cry for me Andreas, I am ok, just been a very hard year to get through and since you are a newbie, look for threads posted by SugarSkull. Then you will get to know who my dearest Scott really was to me. You will find this a very friendly site. People here are so very kind. I am so thankful for all that has been the best of friends too me.

    Sickboy you are so right in what you said, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

    Today I am ok, I wiill always miss my dearest Scotty he was the love of my life and will always be I am sure.

    RIP Scotty Lee Adams may your posts live on forever on JD
    Your babycakes, your lover, your penguin egg eater your everything as you were to me. You to me.
  5. hamburger

    hamburger Super Deluxe Double Cheeseburger Knife Maker or Craftsman

    It's difficult at times. Get your head on straight and keep focused on your goals. Make a list of what you have to do these next few months. Set your goals. When you progress toward your goals you can see progress. That will give you a feeling of achieving. That is needed.

    Also don't try so hard to replace Scott. There is someone out there for you. Just take it easy and don't do nothing fast.

    Be friends with people and talk all you can then in time you will find the right way.

    Toast to you and the ones lost this year.
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  6. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Thank you Hamburger,
    You are right will take more time now to get my head straight. I feel that is the most important of all. I have not told Scott's parents yet as I would feel like a right old fool. Thinking maybe I should just say I dumped Tom they are not on facebook thank god. I had a great friend who I gave my username and password too so he could change my status on there for me and put up the older photo of when I lost Scott. I will be forever greatful to that. Now my avatar is different found it on Scotts pc and set it that way. I do not know who he made it for. It does not matter to me. I had a brilliant xmas day with Rick his sister and family. I was able to go on Zoosk and slam Tom for what he did to me one up for me. :thumbsup: Then tonight guess I joined for three months.
    Today was great got a whole house finished in two days. However the next one there is a whole lot of lovely children's clothing and toy's etc that I am going to ask if I can sell these at the fleamarket. I really miss that part of the life Scott and I shared. The money of course would go back to Sharon since the tenants did not pay rent. I have enough room in the house now its about all in boxes, I will continue to do this until the spring if Sharon approves of this. By then we could have a great sale for the weekend. So I am taking it one day at a time now. Just take time out to enjoy life again. Be amongst people that Scott and I knew.

    Next big day without Scotty will be New Year we loved watching it come in together. Now I have no tv so watch it on.

    Glad I managed the avater thing. I had wanted to do this on my sig. In time I will find a way to do this, this comp gets me online that is all that counts.
    Miss you Scotty, alway's will. Lots love and kissess to my best friend ever that I could ever have hoped to have, we really were so good together that means a lot to me.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  7. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Well today was very interesting. The cops came in five cars. Seems the druggies are moving out. I talked to Sharon about this and now I find out not only did they pay me but her old man Shane gave me $100 bonus. Joe did not get one he is getting fired Tuesday when your old friend that you helped is going to be coming back again. I may be pulled sometimes from these apartments to some in Chilhowie, TN, also Rolling Hills. Whatever Tim who you helped with the plumbing, is coming back to work here again. Along with a new guy called David we have not yet met as of this time.Your friend Tim is going to be running Amberwood from now on plus all the other properties they own. I am many houses ahead of Joe, Shane likes my work and wants to keep me on, so that is why I will be covering a larger area. Be nice to get paid more. But the bonus was really kind, going to put that towards Dec rent and will owe only $100 I think I can play catch up hope this pay day to be able to try and clear some if not all of it.

    You do not know Miranda a gobby piece of work, she has till the 7th Jan to be evicted, that gets rid of her as she has a little boy who smokes dope in the car park here

    Next to be evicted is Karen who wanted to see you dead before she left, well guess she got her wish, but I do believe in Karma.You did too my dearest one.

    I told your mum today I dumped Tom and said I was on a date site, would be just nice to go out for a meal or something without being alone.

    I ate good today, hit 1200 cals, Hope I am gaining weight, ate a hotdog today and you know I dislike them smothered in cheese it came out of the machine much too fast. Next time will put the cheese in the bun first. You know me never could get to grips with the USA fast food.

    Tomorrow I may go and see what I can get at McD's that will be calorie loaded. Bought some more Debbies cakes I like the cream cheese one and the cinimum too. Got six waiting for me downstairs and two hoggie sandwhiches with Turkey, ham and bacon. Not sure if I can eat those tonight. I just ate a string cheese though goes well with beer.

    Wish I could afford some scales to show if I am gaining yet. I am trying love.R.I.P. my love, I am stronger now. Being kicked in the gut has done me good.

    Love you Scott Lee Adams will keep giving you greens as long as I can, even email you though you are not there to read them.

    Your Rosie, I miss you so much Scotty, always in my heart and mind forever.
  8. Mpsecare

    Mpsecare Owl Man

    stay strong!
    enjoy this young owlette!


    Owls cheer me up when I am sad, that's why I like them so much!
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  9. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Thank you Mespcare, I am really trying to be strong. I love the owlette great pic.

    Well Scotty another Sunday is here, by this time I was being investigated for foul play, not a good experience. Glad I was cleared though of any wrong doing towards you love.

    It is so cold here today, I feel like wrapping up in all my clothes. Then getting under the covers for the day, but have the usual weekend catchups to do and make sure I eat plenty today again. Need my skin to fit me. Just eating those nice little debbie cheescake things. I like them and they are cheap.

    Hope to meet up with your mum and dad soon, well they are mine now too. They have been great to me, since you were gone.

    Well time to go got to run to the shops to get something for dinner love, got to keep this weight going up I dont need to be sick.

    R.I.P. My love and best friend forever missed love you xxxxxxxxxxx
  10. Bill T

    Bill T Snatch Boogie Knife Maker or Craftsman


    Hey Rosie, First off I wish you a Happier New Year than the one you just lived through... Loss of the Heart and Spirit is always a tough thing to get through...

    When it comes to personal things like relationships I always mind my business... But Hamburger said it best.. Don't be in a rush to replace a loss, as you just learned , our eyes tend not to be ready to see. It's too easy to make mistakes.. focus on yourself and the healing process - not the filling of a void.

    I lost everything a while back.. it took me 5 years before I was ready to be a partner of any worth to anyone else.. Not saying that that is what anyone else should do, but that time out of any relationships helped me get over things and gave me a greater worth for my next partner.
    I wish for you nothing but the best ...
    May your Heart and Spirit find Peace in this New Year.
    All the best , Bill
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  11. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    New Years Day

    Scotty, I wish I could have shared this time with you, again I could find no music to share with you. I will take on board what has been said to me here. We will never again have anniversary's birthday's Christmas Day's, New Year and of course we will never be able to share and celebrate the first day we moved in here together. Now I am starting to make this look like my home now. I feel so blessed to have shared a very long friendship with you. Also the shortest time we had as a couple here. In our house.

    I remember your post when I joined that day, you said don't I know you. I thought that was so funny. You had a wicked sense of humor. I loved that about you love.

    Bill I will take what you have said along with hamburger. You both have have written something to stay positive with. I will write down daily goals one of them is my diet intake, to make sure I keep gaining weight. I am on my second pot of coffee this morning, I have a nutriation drink to have in a little while. I will keep making this my home. I am not going to rush into another situation that may hurt me again.

    Last year was the worst on record for me, but this year I hope will be so much easier.

    R.I.P. Scotty Lee Adams gone but I will always have you here in my heart.

    Love always, your best friend and partner the Penguin Egg Eater.
  12. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Finally working hard to keep my calorie intake up to at least 1,420 a day So keeping that goal starting to feel better although I still work very hard with my job, so two goals acheived.
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  13. GEEZER

    GEEZER Beware The Ides of March Brigade Member

    Keep up the good work.
    You have a great attitude.
    I (and probably everyone who knows you) am proud of you!
  14. Clydetz

    Clydetz Forever straight and true Brigade Member

    Get your weight back up. Eat lots of Big Mac's and chocolate shakes... oh yeah and don't forget the pizza! Just kidding about the Big Mac's, chocolate shakes and pizza but not about you have to gain more weight Kelper! :thumbsup:
  15. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Another Sunday has gone by

    My dearest Scott,
    I miss you so very much, went to sleep last night crying for you and the loss of you. I cry as I write here to you. I was at the Dollar Store yesterday and bumped into Gene, he was so shaken to know that you are gone. He gave me his number keeps texting or calling to check in on me. He is coming tonight to take me out for supper. He still loves the chess sets we sold to him. Gene was and is a great friend to us.
    He said he was afraid to say too much about you as your friend for fear that it would upset me more, but I said that the doc said it is far better to talk about it then keep it all in.
    I am turning a corner now, still keeping count on my calories, tomorrow will be going to go up a little bit more on my intake. I am finally gaining weight. I bought some over the counter vitimans yesterday and have also got one for hair nails and skin. My hair is still falling out some. My skin is starting to fit me again although just a little. But so glad to know I am gaining again. You would hate to have seen me like this, maybe you are seeing it from wherever you are. I do not want to balloon out like the doc said.

    Work has taken a much better turn for the best. I am now going to be working here as well as Rolling Hills. Tim is doing a wonderful job here along with me and Brady. It is so good to be able to work with someone that actually works with me. Now they have finally fired Joe. It is for the better.

    Friday Martha gave me her rent money in cash, I asked her to put it in an envople and I would sign that I had recieved this from her. She went to Karen's to borrow one, and Karen said I would NOT trust Rosie with cash. I would not give her cash. Oh my I am so sorry but I was so mad that I called Sharon to talk to her, I was so upset. She said to meet me at the bank as I am still collecting back rent until Tim took over as manager here. As I left, I shouted out to Karen and her so called friends that really do not like her, that I was going to the bank to meet Sharon since she said I could not be trusted to not steal the money for that is what she accused me off. I put my foot to the floor and zoomed up to the bank suddenly realised that I had being doning 60 in a 40 zone. After work had finished, I went to Martha's to chat with her. Karen was there I did not care, so I said you know Martha it is so good to have two great people to work with and see things are finally getting done to improve these apartments. Tim got me a load of air filters, which Joe had never done. I asked everyone who needed one and gave them out as it is part of the maintence here. Everyone here is overjoyed that we three are making wonderful progress. The holes in the car park are finally filled, people are now able to drive without popping tires. The ducts under each apartment complex has been repaired. This week we have rented out two apartments already. That is a wonderful acheivement for the three of us working here.
    Shane the owner is so happy that we are making such great progress, but I still get to work at 7am and bust my butt till 3 pm each day. Tim is going to have one of his friends an undercover cop to come here and see about the drug dealers here. This is going to happen from tomorrow. One lady was verbally abused when she come home late at night from someone who was partying at one in particulars house at the end of our block. I saw another drop go down Friday as the guy left he nearly ran me over in the car park. I know this lot a very dangerous. My name is kept out of everything. I am going to stay here regardless of what happens. I am also hoping to buy a pistol or shotgun soon as the taxes come in. I have a great flashlight given by my secret santa, so know I will be safe here. If anyone knocks on my door at night after dark, I have my cell on 911 so all I need to do is press send. I do that everywhere I go here now.

    Our friends are here for me wherever I need help, most are now able to come and see me more often. I do have to remind Terry and Sam to get me that goldfish as he said he would. He said I could not kill it at all. I will keep it on your desk for company.

    Well love guess it is time to go now and call your mom and dad well mine now too. I know today they will be hurting just as much as me.

    I am giving up on the dating game just concentrate on getting me fixed up with my health first.

    I love you always and forever and miss you so very very much thank you for being the biggest part of my life, the happiest part of my life.

    Lots of love your Rosie R.I.P baby.
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  16. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Hi Scott,

    Gene and I are coming to visit you today. Gene and I have picked up from where we could have been 12 years ago. Gene as you know was our friend. We are now dating, have been all week. I have met his parent's and sister also, they have made me feel so welcome. That means a lot to me. As I am sure you know there is a well large age gap with us both, be like with you I prefer the younger man. Gene prefers the more mature sensible woman like me. We have covered more in a week that anyone of us expected. Gene is kind, caring loving, honest, not afraid to show his feeling's found out he fancied me way back at the store when I was married to Jim. But it does not matter. I now longer have colotis attacks, Gene no longer has panic attacks. I think we improve our health. I feel very safe with Gene. I know you are watching over us. I know that you would be happy for me. I am no longer on the dating stuff. I hope that Gene and I continue to grow together for a very long time.

    I still miss you, but at least this Sunday I am not alone. Gene understands the feel of loss I have for you.

    There will always be a special place forever in my heart for you Scott, I love you still, I still miss you, your mum and dad are very happy that I have found Gene. That really helps a lot.

    Well my darling, I have to go now to the cemetary, to lay some flowers for you. Gene wants to pay his respects to you.

    R.I.P. Scotty Lee Adams. forever missed.
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  17. AILL

    AILL Enormous member

    Kelper, still so sorry about Your loss.
    But happy that You seem to recover.


    @admins: maybe we should add a "✝" to the nick of SugarSkull in his profile after his name. I'd find that appropriate.

    Of course I dont want to offend anybody if that had been discussed before, in this case please excuse my small knowledge.
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 13, 2013
  18. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Thank you Andreas love your comment, glad to see people posting on SugarSkulls thread.

    All is going great with Gene and I I eat better, love to cook again, its my turn tonight. It is good to just be happy again.
  19. Kelper

    Kelper Penguin Egg Eater Lady Devil

    Another Sunday had gone past

    Hi Scott,
    This Sunday has been so very different from all the others well the entire weekend to be honest. Friday was really nice went shopping yes food shopping with Gene we had a really great time. The fridge has food in it again, the freezer too. After that I cooked dinner for us both, salt and fat free for Gene, healthy food for us both. Enjoyed cooking for us both for dinner although it was a late one.

    Saturday we were going to the fleamarket early but Genes parents needed some meds so we went there and got all that done. Then went onto the fleamarket, you know me like those little knicknackes. So did some wheeling and dealing got to pay a dollar here a dollar there. Paid some lawaway for the newer comp so 100 to go then it is mine. After that the fun begins. Like with you going to need to teach Gene to type faster instead of hunt and peck like you used to be. Steve the leather guy was there as well as his wife that worked at the old fleamarket near us. Little Grace was no baby any more she was selling some of her artwork so they are on the fridge door. It is hard to resist the little ones. Least she made some money for her time. Saw Mark and Mack the two that used to sell the cars. They did not know you had passed away, it is always hard to tell our friends. They were really shocked as always your friends are.

    Today was really nice, went to a biker church, the preacher was Vic Young the guy you told me about, I really had a great time. Gene introduced me to him at the end of the service. Thought Vic was very funny, jeans tee shirt and tattoes had a great sense of humour which I found to be my taste. Who would have thought you would have seen me in church right love.

    Next we both went to the Mall, to walk around get some nice excercise great for fitness and warm too. Got to through some snowballs though, thought the security guard was going to get me on the last one for hitting the door, but he did not. Manged to shove food in the slow cooker before we left which is smelling good right now, but not quite ready yet.

    With everything that happend this weekend today was easier on me. We both reminised about your memories and fun times we had at the first fleamarket where we all met.

    I did feel sad in church though, the preacher said something that hit me a little on the hard side. Yes, found a hymn book that had a cockroache in it gross to be honest. Thought I had left them at work. Oh well they like to follow me around it would seem. I could not read the bible just listened as tears had welled up for your loss.

    Still putting on weight love and friends are saying I look happy again, seems the last year was so full of sadness and pain that was a huge struggle to get through, but I have made it through the other side now.

    Loosing you has taught me so much, you cannot take life for granted any more. Patience has grown in me, feel the pain of others so much easier.

    The other night was awakend to someone knocking hard on the door, it was Taylor and our neigbour Danielle, she had gone to sleep and smelt smoke her dog woke her up thanks to him. Her wiring to the interenet had blown, it was so hot that it melted the socket cover, we put the lights on here the lights were having a power surge, Hannah on the other side had her lights actually blew her lights up. Thought it was better to get up and see that all was safe here, got a battery for the fire alarm, if that wiring had gone we would have had burnt through the apartments. Gene was great we made sure that Danille had tea lights so she had some light but the electric company did come out, seems the wiring in these apartments need replacing fast before something serious happens. My fuses still blow out but now know which two do.

    Cops are here nearly every night, Miranda did move out but Sharon iS
    asking me where to find out where Miranda is living Sharon is trying to work towards me staying at Rolling Hills to avoid being near here during the day.

    Also a bail bond man is looking for some on that skiped out of the court date, I have given him all the leads seems the guy is living somewhere out west now. He said with the information I gave I will get a reward out of this. That blew my mind for sure. Guess I am known as the local snitch now but that is ok, we just need to get these apartments back to where they should be. Like when we first moved in. Karen is moving out Yeah!! Not a moment to soon like you said to her that night. Will be so glad when she is gone like you said Scotty.
    Well reckon it is time to leave today. Miss you always Scotty, we all do. Time to eat soon love.

    R.I.P Scotty Lee Adams, gone but never forgotten.
    Your Rosie, love you there will always be a place in my heart for the life we shared even though it was so short.

    @Andrea's not sure what you meant by you symble though but lovely words I thank you.
  20. JackBlades

    JackBlades former cerveca terminador

    Rosie/Phyllis, I thoroughly enjoy your continued oracles.
    Feels kinda funny smiling while tears run down my cheeks.....

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