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STOP the dogpiling, the following people around and red bombing them

Ronlad Jul 14, 2014

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  1. EOD13

    EOD13 Balisong Addict JDBA Official Member

    I find it ironic how the guys with no clue on what's going on here are the ones who think they know everything. I don't start in with people, I don't PM or harass them and as far as this thread is concerned I was speaking generally until RNST wanted specifics. And now I'M the troll here? That's hilarious.

    RNST. You need to get with it and keep your memory in check. A post that was reported six times WAS BECAUSE OF A COMPUTER GLITCH. Why else would it say the same thing? And yeah the +/- section is there for a reason and I do use it. I even posted a thread too and here's a link:

    For a couple other guys with a handful of posts, I flagged the thread and said the guy was a scammer. Obviously that was better at getting your attention.

    Mr.LaBella, I'm not the one stalking out Tim's threads and posts and following him around here. He got some reds from me and he bitched about it... who the fuck cares? They were signed, he can send reds too. And I'm not blinded by anyone specifically. I didn't talk about Tim until RNST brought that up. It's in the thread as clear as day. And the funny thing is here is that it was "the admin" who was giving me shit for reporting OTHER MEMBERS who were scammers.

    I'm not telling people here how to run the forum. I'm fucking pissed off because some people (RNST) jump to conclusions, ignore the real issues with MULTIPLE happenings here and point the finger at guys who haven't done any real wrong.

    tmbrcrafter: You really have no idea what's going on here and must love to instigate....

    If it's wrong to report guys who are scammers, great. If you'd rather a +/- thread from here out say so instead of being a degrading asshole. And to the douchebags who are saying "well go somewhere else", ignoring issues isn't the way to go and for your lack of an intelligent solution you're fucking idiots.
  2. tmbrcrafter

    tmbrcrafter totally hetero, no seriously Brigade Member

    Ever notice it's usually the idiots who scream the loudest? Right about now you're the loudest one in the room. Obviously, you're not happy here, so move on. You're right, Ron and all the mods here are idiots. Ron created a fun place to hang out, talk about knives and other hobbies. What the hell was that guy thinking. If you don't like the way he runs the place, leave.

    Oh, and by the way, I am not here to instigate, just to point out the obvious. But don't kid yourself, you're not that important where everyone here is against you. Get over yourself and sit back and enjoy this place
  3. EOD13

    EOD13 Balisong Addict JDBA Official Member

  4. ratstuph

    ratstuph Hoodoo Operator Super Moderator

    Could you please stop with the antagonism? You are distressing the rabbits.
    thank you for your kind and thoughtful consideration of my request,
  5. fod

    fod Hand of the Box Master Knife Maker or Craftsman


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  6. RNST

    RNST Entrusted Devil Super Moderator


    Ok here is my response:

    Mods review the reported posts. Your's were often a daily event. Many were "can we ban this .... now?" Usually accompanied without any associated reference for us and hence, were ignored.

    Then there were the more 'pleading' reported posts which began to sound like you actually owned Jerzee Devil and we were to step up to handle your demands, NOW. :meh: ignored. Again, almost every day.

    Hence, the previous comment from me for you to " go buy your own copy of VBulletin" because clearly we are not providing the FREE experience you expect on Jerzee Devil.

    YES, I said do a Positive/Negative thread BECAUSE the guy you reported had done NOTHING wrong in the past and had good REP from two other Devils. Do we believe just YOU or do we go with the previous rep? You Lose, of course. WE do not jump just because you say JUMP. Any deal gone wrong must be posted in the Positive/Negative forum for ALL to see and research as required.

    Now the Six posts in question, each have totally different time stamps and four out of six have different messages from you. Computer glitch you say? Maybe? Frankly, we do not know how Six were reported but they are there in the Mod forum. You will Never see them now because you are unworthy of my following up on this issue. Simply put, you have 100% worn out your welcome here.

    Now the matter at hand. WE want an all inclusive forum which all members are welcome whether or not they fit your personal style of posting or fulfil your own image of a member of the JDBA. Luckily for the rest of us, WE mods run the show here on JD, NOT you. Reporting posts saying "ban this person" are a form of Trolling because often it is guys like you who are setting the bait, posting something to get a rise out of the person and then reporting the incident. We see your activity and see the reply and see the Red given to these threads. The only thing we do not see is PM's which I assume have been flying fast and furious for a while now.

    IF I had a gut idea that this any of this stuff would have been for the better of the forum, I would have supported it. I don't because I am now convinced you and your buddies will have the next victim already lined up after this chapter.

    Unfortunately for you, I do not support anything complained about from you now.

    Your options now are as follows:

    1. Get along, post, enjoy Jerzee Devil and stop reporting everything that you deem unworthy for your personal experience.

    2. Top right hand corner, click log out, Go Away.

    My personal feelings about you being here have nothing to do with this discussion. However, should you step up you full court press on mods or other members of Jerzee Devil making their Jerzee Devil experience unpleasant, you can be assured I will be there to assist you with your departure.
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