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Stinger in SM-100 by Ferrum Forge

Motega Oct 20, 2019

  1. Motega

    Motega Little member

    I'm going to add this to the "wanted to buy" forum here, but was wondering if anyone has ideas on hunting down rare knives in general and this knife specifically.
    First, I signed up with as many knife forums and Facebook groups as possible, and contacted Ferrum Forge to ask they keep me in mind.
    I also signed up on Arizona Custom Knives and several other large retailers and added it to a wishlist.
    And of course created a Ebay search to email me if any come up for auction.
    Does anyone have any other tips for finding your "grail" knife?

    This SM-100 has personal meaning for me because it is basically the same material that is used in spinal fusion surgery and having that done was a life changing thing, kind of limited my ability to do a lot of things that I lived like hunt. I never took it for granted, but man I miss being out on a day like this stalking whitetails with a recurve or longbow.

    I thought maybe this question might help others find rare knives too. The tips I shared above probably would be useful for some non-tech types, and any ideas you could share would be appreciated!

    Last edited: Oct 20, 2019
  2. Motega

    Motega Little member

    another decent site: https://www.gpknives.com/

    No one has any tips? Any other sites that have large inventory on consignment ?

    I know there were only about 2000 made total but really hard to find one of these!

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