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Squid Ind. Mako for the win!

JAM3X Sep 14, 2020

  1. JAM3X

    JAM3X Little Member

    I recently bought a Squid Mako trainer/ bottle opener (my first trainer) and it was exactly what I was looking for; a lightweight aluminum trainer to fling around the house without cutting the carpet or furniture. My only gripe is the momentum, or lack thereof. I didn't have huge hopes to begin with and was pleasantly surprised.

    Anyways, I'm a terrible flipper not really trying to "get gud". More into it cause it's fun or satisfying or whatnot, but I still want to learn more fun stuff of course! I still can't really even Chaplin...

    I've been awkwardly flipping the Mako for about 3 days (with it's lack of momentum) while in bed or sitting around, doing a couple moves that felt natural, without the worry of consequences.
    A few minutes ago, I just decided to grab my Kershaw Lucha out of the blue... I did a combo (sorry for not knowing the trick names I'm a noob, I know) starting with a wrist pass? but holding the safe handle, instead of catching it I let it keep going to a downward grip while it's still spinning (sorry doing my best to describe) then let it close catching the bite with my finger tips (downward grip palm open) then a handle switch by releasing my thumb switching to bite handle (still downward grip), then part of a Zen Rollover (just around the thumb) then stick my pointer up to catch into 2 horizontal Chaps (I finally can do a chap!) Into a vertical twirl open, then Twirl closed into 2 vertical Chaplins around my index, and finally a "flick" to a downward catch open...

    If you're still with me thanks, you have patience cause that was hard for me to describe and I've been doing it for 2 days now lol. I wish I could just upload a video!

    So I nailed it with the Lucha first try and first smooth combo with chaps! It felt like it was in slomo and on rails compared to the Mako, and I'm not even as comfortable with the Lucha compared to most of my others. I immediately put it down, I still have chills like a hit of crack or something lol. If I wasn't hooked before I sure as hell am now!

    So yea, I don't regret the Mako at all and now I'm thinking about a Squidtrainner 3.5... I know a bad cut is coming soon after playing with the trainer, but I would still recommend it even though it already has a bunch of play, tap, and rubs on both handles. Totally worth it! I think it being light really pushed me to progress!

    Thanks everyone for pushing me tword Squid Industries, I'm gonna go flip some more!
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  2. GalaxyGrove

    GalaxyGrove JDBA OFFICIAL Member JDBA Official Member

    Kinda want a Mako. The Triton is ok, but damn, it is a lot harder to open beer bottles.
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  3. JAM3X

    JAM3X Little Member

    Yea right lol, the bottle opener really sold me. The other Squids are nice looking but I wanted something that I could really beat on, but aluminum dents really easy and I didn't want to pay a premium for a "day one beater". I actually kinda feel bad cause it came in beautiful shape w/ a really nice finish and blue anno (almost feels like harder G10 or even SLIGHTLY rubbery) feels great, also has a nice pouch. Now it's dented up from drops on wood. Still better than I was expecting.

    I got that bad cut I knew was coming, got a bit mixed up and started a blade side chap X-0. Went halfway around my finger, blood everywhere... I'm actually going to glue it up right now (so I can start using my right hand again lol)

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